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Who Is May-Wan Kao? Know About Charles K. Kao Wife



May-Wan Kao and her husband Charles K Kao

Who Is May-Wan Kao? May wan kao is the wife of late Charles k. kao. Her husband charles was known for combining glass fibres and lasers. He contributed in telecommunication also. Charles k kao and May wan became married couple in 1959.

Who Is May-Wan Kao?

May-Wan Kao and her husband Charles K KaoProfessionally May-Wan Kao is an engineer. This couple met in London after their graduation. Their son and daughter were both raised in California. Their son was born in 1961 and their daughter Amanda was born in 1963. Charles died in 2018 in Hongkong due to Alzheimer.

May-Wan Wiki & Age

May wan Kao turned 87 year old in 2022 . Her birth name is Gwen May Koa. She belongs to a British Chinese family. She loves playing Tennis. She admires Korean soap Operas which is a Korean series. May Wan  Kao is helping run a foundation named for her husband. Her foundation promotes awareness about Alzheimer’s disease.

May-Wan Kao Net Worth

May-Wan Kao’s net worth is unknown.
May-Wan Kao is estimated to have a net worth of $500 million or more in 2021.She was married to a well-known scientist and engineer who left her all of his professional riches.

Her professional life

She has also worked as an engineer for a number of companies. Similarly, the Kao family is from Zhangyan, a township in Shanghai’s Jinshan district. They own land, and the family has always been regarded as prosperous.

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