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Japan Manga Artist Fujiko Fujio Dies At 88 [Fans Are Shocked]

Japan manga artist Fujiko Fujio dies at 88: According to Japani local media, Fujiko Fujio A, a well-known Japanese manga artist who created popular children’s cartoons such as Ninja Hattori and Little Ghost Q-Taro, died on Thursday at the age of 88.

Motoo Abiko, the artist’s real name, was discovered outside his home in Tokyo on Thursday, according to private broadcaster TBS and others.

Fujiko Fujio Death Cause

fujiko fujio 'manga artist' Other musicians and people in the publishing sector respected Abiko on Twitter, but police failed to confirm the reports to AFP.

Abiko was the eldest son at a historic temple in the Toyama region’s central district. His family, however, abandoned the temple after Abiko’s father died when he was in fifth grade.

“My father’s death had the most significant impact on my life. I would have become a monk if Dad hadn’t died. “In 2020, he told the Asahi Shimbun newspaper.

How did Fujiko Fujio Die?

In high school, he met Hiroshi Fujimoto, who would eventually go on to create the popular Japanese cartoon Doraemon, and the two began to collaborate. They began a partnership in 1951, publishing works under the pen name Fujiko Fujio and sharing a Tokyo apartment with other well-known manga artists such as Osamu Tezuka.

“Q-Taro,” a film about a good-natured, mischievous ghost child who begins living with a human family, was one of the duo’s early works, and it was well-received both in Japan and overseas.

Abiko has developed his manga, such as Ninja Hattori, a ninja who becomes best friends with a regular kid, and other adult-oriented works.

Fujiko Fujio A dies at 88 : Know the Reason

Despite his long affiliation with Fujimoto, Abiko admitted that he was hesitant to read Doraemon cartoons too closely at one point.

“I’ve been avoiding reading them as a protective precaution because when I read them, they impact me and make me think, ‘I can’t draw like this,'” he joked.

Fujiko Fujio networth

According to report Fujiko Net Worth is approx $500,000.

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