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Seargeoh Stallone Biography

Seargeoh Stallone
Seargeoh Stallone
Name Seargeoh Stallone
Birthday 1997
Birthplace United State of America
Profession Actor
Ethnicity White
Marital Status Single
Dating/Boyfriend Not Known
Engaged/Fiance Not Known
Married/Husband Not Yet
Children N/A
Net Worth $1 Million

Seargeoh Stallone is the name of a famous actor. He is well known for his appearance in the role of Rocky Balboa Junior in the film called Rocky II. He is also better known as the son of the famous Hollywood actor Sylvester Stallon. Whom we all know from her outstanding role of Rambo.

Seargeoh was born in the year 1979 in the United States of America. He is the son of a legendary Hollywood actor namely Sylvester Stallone. Similarly, his mother also belongs to the Hollywood industry named actress Sasha Czack. She is well known as the actress in the Love of Life film. Unfortunately, his parents no longer live together. They are divorced on the year 14th February 1985.

He had a big brother namely, Sage Stallone. But he was passed away due to heart disease in the year 2012. Stallone also has three step sisters namely Sophia, Sistine, and Scarlet Rose Stallone. These are Sylvester’s second wife’s daughters.

The career of Seargeoh Stallone

Seargeoh Stallone’s parents have supported him a lot. They wanted him to have an acting career of his own. But he could not create a long successful career in Hollywood. His first debut film with a sports drama film called Rocky II. This was released in the year 1979. In the film, he portrayed the role of Robert Rocky Balboa Junior.

Unfortunately, he could not make a long successful career in the Hollywood industry due to his illness. At the age of three, he was diagnosed with the disease called autism in the year 1985.

Seargeoh Stallone Education

He was studied at the school of Montclair College Prep in the United States. Because of his illness condition. His parents are sent him to a special school in the United States. Seargeoh’s father Sylvester was always busy at the time of his shoot for the movies. Because of his illness. He was not able to continue his career in the Hollywood industry.

Seargeoh Stallone suffered from the disease Autism

In his early childhood, Seargeoh Stallone could say a few words, draw, and write letters. But his communication of words to other people was the very least. Therefore a doctor was called by his parents to check on their child. In their home which is located in the Pacific Palisades. Find out why Seargeoh was talking less and having this problem. Both the parents were shocked to know the reason for their child’s behavior.

The doctor informed that Seargeoh Stallone has a developmental disorder which is known as Autism. In which the victim has to associate with problems in social contact and communication. His parents were broke down but also decided to fight it out. Many people were suggested placing Seargeoh in a special class.

Seargeoh Stallone

But his parents refused to do so. During the childhood days of Seargeoh, actor Sylvester has a busy schedule for his career. So, Seargeoh’s mother actress Sasha decided to take things into her hands. Though his parents were separated in the year1985.

Both of them continued to take care of their child Seargeoh Stallone. Seargeoh was not a harsh kind of child. He was put into a special school where special therapy sessions were organized twice a week. Seargeoh’s therapy useful him a bit but the development was limited.

So, these are the important information on the topic of Seargeoh Stallone. He is the son of renowned and outstanding Hollywood actor Sylvester Stallon. But his son Seargeoh is not like his father. Sylvester Stallon got stardom, fame, and many recognition through the films. Today also he remains the same character of Rambo in the heart of every fan.

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