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Murderer Stephan Mcdaniel: Why He Killed Lauren Giddings?



Murderer Stephan Mcdaniel

Murderer Stephan Mcdaniel: Stephan Mcdaniel was born in 1981 in Lilburn Georgia, The united States. He is 41 years old. His father is Mark Mcdaniel and Glenda Mcdaniel is his mother. By profession he is a law clerk his nationality is American. He killed Lauren Giddings who was a law student. In this article we will  get to know why he killed Lauren Giddings so stay tuned for that  visit thecelebography

Stephen Mcdaniel WikipediaMurderer Stephan McdanielStephen McDaniel was born in 1989 in Lilburn, Georgia, The United States. By profession, he is a law clerk. He was accused of the murder of Lauren Giddings (Mercer Law School student). The incident took place in Macon on 26th June 2011.

His father’s name is Mark McDaniel and his mother’s name is Glenda McDaniel. He completes his education from the primary school & Mercer University, Walter F. George. He is best known as Lauren Giddings’ murderer.

What was Stephen McDaniel’s motive for killing Lauren Giddings?

Stephen Mc Daniel claimed in a blog post that he was receiving a lot of contempt for women. He abused girls in high school and now posts women’s brutality and torture on social media. Daniel also claimed that he felt compelled to ask Lauren out.

However, she declines his offer, claiming that she is already linked with someone else and rejecting his offer. Daniel, on the other hand, maintained that he had no reason to murder the poor woman. Lauren was assassinated on the 26th of June, 2011. He broke into her flat early in the morning, according to the evidence.

Why Stephen McDaniel killed Lauren Giddings?

Stephan eventually strangled the poor lady to death. When her body parts were discovered in the dumpster, her limbs had been chopped off. Giddings eventually lost touch with her friends and family.

She hasn’t been seen in over four days. Giddings lost contact with her friends and family as a result, and she had been missing for more than four days.


When she was discovered dead inside a dumpster, her closed eyes were shattered. Furthermore, her head was still missing, and cops were searching for the rest of her body parts.

When they found them, they handed them over to forensics to determine whether the rest of her body parts belonged to her or not. It was discovered that the torso belonged to Giddings after days of investigations and examinations

Stephen Mcdaniel’s Early Life  and Career

Stephen McDaniel was born in the United States in 1989 in Lilburn, Georgia. He works as a law clerk.
Lauren Giddings was murdered, and he was charged with her murder (Mercer Law School student).
Mark McDaniel is his father’s name, and Glenda McDaniel is his mother’s name.

 Stephan Mcdaniel’s Physical Appreance

Stephan Mcdaniel height is 178cm and 5.10 in inches. He is 75 kg in pounds he is 173lbs. His eye color is black and hair color is brown. His shoe size is 8.

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