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Amalia Hernández Dancer And Choreographer:

 Ballet Folklórico de México de Amalia Hernández

Amalia Hernández’ Birth, Parents and Career

She was born on year September 19, 1917. Amalia was a Mexican ballet choreographer.

She was the founder of the world-renowned Ballet dance called Folklórico de México.

Hernández was born to a military officer and politician father named Lamberto Hernández and her mother Amalia.

She was the first in developing the dance form called Baile Folklorico.

In the year 1952, Hernández founded the Mexican Folkloric Ballet with only 8 dancers.

By the year 1959, the group of dancers had grown to 60 performers. She created over 60 choreographies in her lifetime.

Since the year 1960, Hernández’s Ballet dance called Folklórico de México.

It has performed without an act. On the weekdays of Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings at the Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico City.

She founded the Folkloric Ballet School in the place of Mexico City. Amalia’s brother was an architect from his profession. His name was Agustín Hernández.

He also designed the building in the year 1968.

Hernández founded the dance company known as Ballet Folklórico de México in the year 1952.

The company has performed more than 15,000 times. For a total audience number of more than 22 million peoples.

One of her performances was being for president John F. Kennedy during his presidency in the United States.

Amalia also started to work as a Teacher and Choreographer of modern dance in the Fine Arts National Institute.

Amalia did not shy away from her regional differences. Some of her dances that was focusing on particular geographical and cultural areas in Mexico.

Amalia’s most famous dance forms like Michoacan, Deer Dance, Jalisco, Fandangos.

Amalia Hernández’s Education

Amalia was schooled at the National School of Dance. This was directed by Nellie Campobello.

This marked her beginning of serious involvement in the dance.

Amalia Hernández’s Day Celebrated

On the year September 19, 2017, a Google Doodle was released to honor the famous choreographer.

The day marks Amalia Hernández’s 100th birthday.

Amalia Hernández’s Death

Amalia Hernández died at the age of 83. On the year of November 5, 2000, in the place of Mexico City.

So, these are the important information on the topic of Amalia Hernandez.

She was a great popular Choreographer. She was the founder of the dance group Baile Folklorico. In the presidential year of John.

F. Kennedy gained popularity with her dance forms. Not only one dance but she was also renowned for the different dance forms.

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