Tomohisa Yamashita also known as Yamapi, or Tomo. He is a Japanese singer, actor, and TV host.

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Tomohisa Yamashita bio

tomohisa yamashita

This Japanese singer, also known as Tomo or Yamapi, is 37 old. However, he’s a lot more than just a singer. He’s also a TV host and actor.

The actor was born on 9 April 1985 in Funabashi, Chiba, Japan. His mother’s name is Naomi Yamashita, and he has a sister named Rina.

Tomohisa Yamashita movies

The Japanese singer, also known as Tomo or Yamapi, is an accomplished actor, TV host, and actor.

His music is known to be on par with the quality of his movies. You can also find his TV shows on Youtube.

One of the first movies starring Tomohisa Yamashita was the 2007 mini-drama, Byakkotai.

He starred in the movie with Taisuke Fujigaya and Koki Tanaka of Kis-my-ft2.

Yamashita also starred in a 2008 movie called Kurosagi, which is based on a popular TBS drama.

This movie had a budget of two million US dollars but grossed over fifteen million dollars.

In addition to acting, Yamashita has produced several movies and television series since he left NEWS. The “Code Blue” movie was released in February 2012.

Tomohisa physical appearance

Yamashita is five feet and seven inches tall, and weighs about 60 kg. His hair color is Black.

Tomohisa net worth

His net worth is 1.5 million.

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