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takahiro sakurai

Takahiro Sakurai is a Japanese voice actor, narrator, and radio personality. He was born in Aichi Prefecture.

Takahiro Sakurai is currently living in Los Angeles. Takahiro Sakurai is an acclaimed voice actor. The following are some of his most notable roles.

This article is written to give you information on his age, movies, and net worth. Continue reading to learn more.

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Takahiro Sakurai bio

takahiro sakurai

Takahiro Sakurai is a Japanese voice actor, radio personality, and narrator. He was born in Aichi Prefecture. His career has spanned television, radio, and theater.

His birthplace is Aichi, where he now lives. Takahiro’s family has been in the entertainment industry for several generations. He began as a child, performing in a play for his mother.

The first time Sakurai gained international recognition was in a video game called Final Fantasy.

This game was developed for the PlayStation console. It was a hit in Japan, and Sakurai made millions of fans worldwide.

His career is so lucrative that he has been able to make a full-time living as a voice actor. The actor has a net worth of $46 million and is part of the voice actor’s 48-year-old group.

At only twenty-two years old, Takahiro Sakurai made his acting debut in 1996.

After that, his career began to take off as he became more influential. His fame and fortune brought him to the attention of many people around the world.

His career completed a full circle when he gained greater importance and fame. He has now been famous not only in his native Japan, but also in several other countries.

Takahiro Sakurai movies

This voice actor is a former radio personality from Aichi Prefecture. He is also known for his narrator role in “The Last Samurai.”

Born on June 13, 1974, Takahiro Sakurai has been acting for almost 15 years.

The actor is currently signed to INTENTION, a Japanese management company created by Kenichi Suzumura.

His films typically revolve around angsty, loner, or reluctant hero roles. In fact, he has starred in over 100 films so far. This is his most diverse portfolio of work yet.

Takahiro Sakurai has acted in more than a dozen movies and TV shows, directing and producing most of them.

He has a YouTube channel, “TheDoctorDazza”, where he shares interesting Japan stuff. He also tweets at @DoctorDazza and posts pictures of his travels on Instagram.

Takahiro wife

He was married to a woman named Misaki Sakurai. His wife has a Japanese surname, but she prefers to be called Takashi.

She has two children, Takahiro and Maki. Their relationship is not public yet.

Takahiro net worth

His net worth is 1.5 million.

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