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The Early Life on Joseph Joestar Voice Actor

Joseph Joestar Voice Actor


Joseph was born the son of George Joestar II and Elizabeth. They established him as Jonathan Joestar when his mother was forced to go into hiding after killing his father’s murderer. One of Dio Brando’s surviving zombies.

His grandmother Erina Joestar decides it would be best. Suppose he assumes his parents died out of fear.

Joseph may get caught up in the same disaster situation his father and grandfather suffer.

It was then both Erina and Robert E. O. Speed wagon. He took care of Joseph.

The young Joseph develops early an ability to use the Ripple ancestors from his grandfather.

He was first displaying it when Speed wagon was kidnapped.

Battle Type of Behaviour

Visiting New York with Erina, Joseph finds Smokey Brown. An African cum American youth.

He steals his wallet. Ins, Joseph supports the pickpocket after giving a beating to two corrupt police officers.

He makes cruel Smokey. Both Joseph and Erina are familiar with themselves with Smokey.

At the same time, he was dining in a restaurant. Joseph personally publicly humiliates a racist mafioso.

He kept insulting Smokey, that mafioso’s companion, then suddenly informs him that Speed wagon reports dead in Mexico.

Later that night, Joseph is attacked in New York City by Straizo.

An old companion of his grandfather Jonathan turns-Vampire. After being led on a wild drive.

Joseph manages to defeat Straizo, and he destroys himself with his stores Ripple. At the same time, he was warning the youth of the Pillar Men.

Joseph goes to Mexico searching for Speed wagon. Reveals to be alive in a secret underground Nazi facility.

Nazis are trying to restore a man who seems trapped in a stone pillar for 2,000 years. Here Joseph meets the Nazi Rudol von Stroheim.

Unfortunately, the Nazis successfully arose from the sleep of the man. He is using for the first time “Santana” before he kills most of them.

Joseph fights Santana and manages to defeat him with Stroheim’s help.

Before he seemingly died. Before Stroheim dies, the Nazi came out that three more “sleeping pillar men” have been discovering below Rome’s stadium. That Joseph must stop them and meet with an ally.

In Rome, Joseph meets Caesar, a trained Small wave user near his age. He is supposed to show Joseph the ropes.

At first, they cannot do anything but argue; Caesar blames Jonathan Joestar for causing his grandfather.

Will Anthonio Zeppeli through his ineptitude. Caesar brings a Nazi named Mark to drive them to the stadium.

There they find the three pillar men, Wamuu, Esidisi, and Kars, awakens. Wayuu casually kills Mark.

Make very angry Caesar and causing the pair to fight him. Unfortunately, even with his American Ripple fills at length.

The undrain Joseph is unable to stand a chance. Luckily, he manages to talk them out of killing him and promising to train for a month for a rematch.

To ensure that Joseph does not chicken out. Wayuu and Esidisi both end up inserting a “wedding ring” inside Joseph’s heart and throat.

They explain that the rings are internal time bombs set to release the poison into his blood.

Suppose he does not defeat them and get the poison they carry within a month.

Joseph realizes that he will have to train or die. Caesar introduces Joseph to his master Lisa Lisa.

She also reveals that the motives of the pillar men are to seize the Red Stone of Aja to become the perfect life forms.

A small Wave Training on Joseph Joestar

Along with Caesar, Joseph starts his training under Lisa Lisa. She immediately forces Joseph to use a modified mask to change his breathing, enough for him to keep it in control when using the Ripple.

She then puts both students in the ‘Hell Climb Pillar.’ A pillar covers with oil that needs expert control of the Ripple to climb.

Joseph has trouble climbing without experience in using the Ripple but finally manages to do so thanks to Caesar’s help.

In the following weeks, Joseph trains under the cruel Loggings. He teaches him how to breathe in for ten minutes straight.

And How to breathe ten times in one second. As his last test, with only a week left before the poison takes effect.

Joseph needs to defeat Loggings in a war to earn the right to be recognized as a proper Ripple user.

Joseph finds Loggings murderers by Esidisi. He learns of the Super Aja in Lisa Lisa’s possession.

He denies his chance to pay back his teacher for the hell he went through. Joseph finds himself nearly deceive by the greater invention by Esidisi.

Before managing to defeat him with his new skills and evasion of hand strategy involving his wool hat.

Joseph absorbs the poison in his opponent’s nose ring. But does not realize that his attack only reduces Esidisi to a separate nervous system.

Then, to one side, take over Suzi Q’s body to mail the Red Stone to Kars in Switzerland.

At the same time, he is making a last stand to deal with Joseph and the Ripple Users.

Joseph and Caesar safely force Esidisi out of Suzi Q by using opposing ripples. Also, watching as the sunlight dissolves the Pillar Man.

Joseph mentions being impresses by Esidisi’s resolve and loyalty and having gone so far as to help Kars succeed. Lisa Lisa discovers that Esidisi sent the Aja to Switzerland.

The Joestar Group leaves Venice for the Alps.

Joseph Joestar’s Back Home

Weeks later, a funeral is held for the certainly dead Joseph. Still, Joseph himself moves the event and reveals. That after he fell back down from the sky.

Joseph ends up in Italy. There some local fisher helps him and nurse back to health by Suzi Q and later marries her.

Joseph then returns to America to find his friends confuse and shock. He realizes that Suzi Q had forgotten to telegram them to reassure his survival.

Pre-Stardust a Campaigner (1942 to 1987)

In 1942, after learning of his attach to Lisa Lisa and moving to New York. Joseph and Suzi Q start a family with their daughter Holy.

Eight years later, Joseph was at Erina’s bedside in her final living moments when Holy marries Sadao Kujo and moves to Japan in 1967.

Joseph develops an intolerance. But in 1983, he ends up cheating on Suzi Q. With a Japanese college student named Tomoko Higashikata.

He is demonstrating his Stand Hermit Purple at the age of 65. Joseph would learn that Dio Brando resurfaces after being last heard of in 1889.

Joseph is more furiously angry to learn that his Stand demonstrates.

Because of DIO, who succeeds in taking the body of Jonathan Joestar. Joins by Muhammad Avdol helps him to understand the nature of the Stands.

Joseph spent the next few years attempting to track down the DIO with no help.

In 1987, Holy called Joseph; he needs his expertise in an “evil spirit” that owns her son Jotaro Kujo. Joseph arrives at the JFK Airport.

There the light blows into a Japanese man. At the same time, he initially apologizes for bumping into him. Joseph realizes the man’s nationality and kicks him.

Joseph then afterward explains his hatred of the Japanese. Due to one marrying his daughter and convincing her to move to Japan.

In contrast, Joseph is a state of peaceful happiness with his Japanese-made Sony Walkman. After putting his headphones on, he boards the plane to Japan.

Stardust Crusaders (1987 to 1988)

He was once arriving in Japan, having a reunion with his daughter. Joseph is lead to the police station, where Jotaro had volumes himself.

When Jotaro refuses to leave his cell, his “evil spirit” breaks a piece from a whole.

A pinkie from the older man’s prosthetic hand, seeing his grandson is a Stand User.

Joseph has you have a standing force his grandson out of his cell. At the same time, explaining Stands to Jotaro.

Jotaro admits his loss after being tricks into walking out of his cell.

Joseph explaining the demonstration of their Stands simultaneously and attempting to convince Jotaro to help him track DIO. Soon after, voicing his refusal to attempt the culture.

Joseph moves into the Kujo’s residence. There he helps to dispatch the Flesh Bud controlling Noriaki Kakyoin.

A few days later, to Joseph’s horror. Holy’s Stand demonstrates and begins to kill her due to lack of fighting spirit slowly.

The only means to save Holy within the next fifty days is finding and killing DIO. Break his link to the Joestar line.

Jotaro’s Stand, later names Star Platinum, arrives at a fly in the background of one of Hermit Purple’s photographs depicting DIO.

Joseph contacts the Speedwagon Foundation to care for Holy after Avdol confirms the fly to be native to Egypt. Kakyoin joins the group as they leave the airport.

Battle in DIO’s Mansion

Terence T. D’Arby welcomes the Joestar Group. The mansion’s butler forcibly pulls Jotaro, Joseph, and Kakyoin into not valid.

The three of them find themselves on an island in the middle of the sea. Their Talence challenges them to video games.

Kakyoin loses the game and his soul. But Jotaro and Joseph cheat to win the second round; when Jotaro criticizes Talence severely. Talence is driving through the fake sky of the underground room.

Not out of the room yet, Joseph, Kakyoin, and Jotaro notice another battle as they try to escape.

Joseph, Jotaro, and Kakyoin meet Nukesaku, a vampire. They intimidate him into showing where DIO is.

They decide on the right DIO from the outside of the building. They are breaking through a wall to enter a second time and interrupt Polnareff and DIO’s clash.

Joseph, alongside everyone, follows Nukesaku to the room where DIO sleeps.

Still, Nukesaku somehow is transported inside a coffin in the middle of the room. Joseph, characterize by surprise.

Runaway through a window with the rest of the party. As the sun sets, Joseph decides to runs because fighting the vampire without the slightest hint of his power is suicidal.

He and Kakyoin run first. At the same time, Polnareff and Jotaro wait in a surprise attack to follow DIO.

The Final War

DIO follows Joseph and Kakyoin. He has bought a truck and is trying to drive away from him.

At the same time, Kakyoin tries to attack DIO without results. But notices that DIO’s Stand The World is the same as Jotaro’s. DIO sends a bystander crash into the truck.

He is forcing Joseph to stop driving and instead pass quickly across the roofs of Cairo.

Moreover, Kakyoin devises a plan to force DIO to use his power openly. DIO stops the time, taking everyone by surprise, and punches through Kakyoin.

However, Kakyoin manages to throw Joseph on the true nature of The World.

Joseph manages to convert the cryptic message. Kakyoin leaves regarding DIO’s power.

Even figures out some of the world’s weaknesses. But DIO is too strong anyway.

Joseph is killed through the throat. He is taken out as he meets with Jotaro and warns him against the world.

Later, DIO unpleasant the whole of Joseph’s blood himself up. Joseph seemingly dies, his ghost talking to Jotaro. He manages to kill the DIO.

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