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My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 8 Recap & Ending Explained

Gigantomachia is out and about. UA students must stop him in My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 8. This article is for you, whether you’re a fan of animated series My Hero Academia, or just interested in learning more. It will take you through the episode, “My Hero Academia Season 6: Episode 8”.

This article will explain everything you need know about the episode as well its release date.

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 8 Release DateMy Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 8

It will air on November 19th in 2022. You can also watch it on Crunchyroll. It will also be available for international viewing on Netflix.

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 7: The Walker Disaster, Izuku Mioriya and his friends battle the League of Villains. Tomura Shigaraki is leading them. They try to use all their powers to destroy Gigantomachia. However, they are defeated. Yaoyorozu then gives orders to students to fight the enemy. He also informs the students of Gigantomachia.

Gigantomachia is able to reach the U.A. in My Hero Academia season 6. Episode 8. High School, where the students join Class B. They must stop the giant advancing towards Shigaraki. Students must also protect their loved ones from evil villains.

Episode preview: Hero students from Classes A-B will team up to subdue the giant. Shigaraki will be joined in the fight by other heroes. Little Brother Deku is another. The preview also shows him covered with smoke, lying on the floor. Furthermore, he is still under the influence by All For One.

My Hero Academia Season 6, Episode 8 Summary And Highlights

1. Yaoyorozu’s plan

Episode 8 of My Hero Academia Season 6 titled League of Villains Vs. U.A. Students began by Momo Yaoyorozu assessing the situation and devising a plan to stop Gigantomachia. She was able to quickly identify the League of Villains from Dabi’s blue flames, demonstrating her ability to observe and make decisions.

As instructed by Midnight, she created several glass jars containing undiluted sedatives and gave them to her classmates so that they could be thrown into the giant’s mouth. Gigantomachia sank into Mudman’s softened ground while his classmates, who were stronger heroes, tried to open his mouth with ropes reinforced with Mineta’s adhesive spheres and Sero’s tape.

My Hero Academia season 6, episode 8, showed that students had a better plan in a shorter time than most Pro heroes could ever hope for. They used the villains’ momentary confusion to help them out.

Ojiro and Shoji climbed on the body of the giant villain and attacked the League using Aoyama’s navel laser. Yanagi attached electrical conductors for each villain’s position. Kaminari’s electricity could have knocked them out by itself, but Mr. Compress attacked him using the last piece of debris that he had connected to Gunga Villa.

2. Dabi and Mr. Compress attack students

Gigantomachia forced to open his mouth partially by the students, allowing them to put jars of sedatives in his mouth. The giant exhaled violently and stopped the sedatives reaching him. To protect the students, Dabi set the forest ablaze. Gigantomachia was also set on fire by the fire, but he didn’t feel any pain as his exhilaration was his main energy source.

Dabi specifically mentioned Garaki’s “quirks” and suggested that Garaki had also experimented with him in a similar way to the Nomus. Toga asked Dabi about his arm, suggesting that the villain was close to his limit in his fight against Hawks or Tokoyami.

Gigantomachia grabbed the support Pro heroes from behind, and then tried to move forward again after ripping off students’ restraints. The giant was stopped from moving by Yaomomo’s explosives that he had dropped into the softened soil.

3. Ashido and Kirishima charge onwards

Mt. Lady saw the students throwing sedatives into Gigantomachia’s mouth and attacked him. Mina Ashido, who was protected from Dabi’s flames by her acid armor, ran towards the giants carrying a jar full of sedative. She was shocked when Gigantomachia, the villain from whom she had tried to protect her friends in middle school, spoke in her ear.

She paralysed with fear and almost died but Kirishima managed to push her away just in time. Kirishima’s story was complete after the confrontation. Mina’s bravery inspired Kirishima, who vowed to reinvent himself and become a courageous and “manly” hero. His limbs were used as ice picks to climb up Gigantomachia’s body.

Toga smashed the jar in his hands, but Kirishima revealed Mina’s jar, which he had collected and threw it into Toga’s mouth. They ran to help the remaining Pro heroes, but Gigantomachia decided to remove all obstacles to his master’s satisfaction.

My Hero Academia season 6, episode 8, then showed the giant’s transformation. His body grew larger and his nails became longer into claws.

4. Gran Torino is fatally injured by Shigaraki

My Hero Academia season 6, episode 8, then turned its attention back to Jaku City’s ongoing battle. Endeavor’s most recent attack did injure Shigaraki but not enough to completely knock him out. He also used some of his most potent attacks consecutively to weaken Endeavor.

Shigaraki began a monolog in which he stated that his father had said that heroes would betray their families to protect others and create a superficial society that would hide their pain and ignore those they couldn’t protect. Shigaraki was shaken by his belief in heroes and society, and vowed to fight against it.

Gran Torino noticed Endeavor was reaching his limits and tried to stop him. However, the villain grabbed his foot with all his physical strength. He was savagely punched in the stomach by Shigaraki, who drank a lot of blood before others could save him.

5. Shigaraki neutralizes Aizawa’s quirk

Deku, furious at the threat of being killed by Endeavor, ran towards Shigaraki despite Endeavor’s protests. The villain took out a bullet that would destroy his quirks and ran at an incredible speed towards Aizawa. Ryukyu intercepted him, blocking his path and the villain punched a hole through her arm.

Shigaraki knew he was at the limit mentally. Deku reached for Shigaraki’s throat and threatened to use Decayy on him. Deku’s actions reverse Shigaraki’s attack in a mall during My Hero Academia season 3. Shigaraki also grabbed Deku’s neck and threatened to use Decay against him.

Deku saw that Shigaraki was quicker than him, and tried to bind Shigaraki using Blackwhip. Endeavor then prepared to attack with every last bit of his power. The villain was able to push his arm through Ryukyu’s arm with Aizawa infront. Deku tried to use One For all at 100%, but Shigaraki grabbed his arm with his teeth. Shigaraki then fired. My Hero Academia season 6, episode 8, ended with Deku screaming in pain as Aizawa missed the bullet that hit him in his foot.

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 9 Preview

Deku swiftly carried Aizawa, two other heroes, and past a cloud in smoke to begin the preview for My Hero Academia season 6, episode 9. Shigaraki appeared to be healed, and citizens fled as Gigantomachia began ravaging the city.

Shoto used his ice to protect Endeavor, who was now weaker. Deku was seen fighting Shigaraki using Blackwhip. The narration said that it was now time to unleash One For All’s power.

A flashback to Bakugou, sat beside All Might at U.A. The explosive hero will shine in this next battle. My Hero Academia episode 9’s title is Katsuki Bakugou Rising.

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