It’s difficult to say that Jean Lapointe, a well-known Canadian actor, has died. Jean Lapointe was a well-known Quebec comedian, actor, and singer. He has passed away and is now with his family. Many people have been shocked at his sudden death since the news of his passing was posted online.

The family of Jean Lapointe has received numerous online condolences. For further information regarding Jean Lapointe’s passing, a lot of people are currently looking him up online.

We have more information on the news, and will share it with our readers in this article.

How Did Jean Lapointe Die?Jean Lapointe Died

According to the Foundation Jean Lapointe, Lapointe died surrounded by his family and from “health complications”. Lapointe was a recovering addict who struggled with alcoholism during the 1960s. In 1982, La Maison Jean Lapointe, La Maison Jean Lapointe, became a halfway house for those suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction. The foundation and the treatment center celebrated their 40th anniversary last month. The Foundation Jean Lapointe soon supported the Centre’s operation.

Jean Lapointe’s wife Mercedes, seven children (MarieJosee Maryse Danielle, Michelle Catherine, Jean-Marie and Anne Elizabeth), as well as two grandkids and his sisters Huguette & Suzanne are all still living. His wife is also his legacy.

Who is Jean Lapointe?

Jean Lapointe was a well-known Canadian actor. His solo career began in 1947. He appeared in two full-length films, albums and performances on Stage. Yves Lapierre produced the majority of his album. Most people remember him for his role as Quebec premier Maurice Duplessis, which Laponite played on the same television series. In 1984, Jean was awarded the Officer of the Order of Canada title. For more information, scroll down.

Jean Lapointe Career

In 1974, the famous performer started his solo career and appeared in two full-length films, albums and on stage performances. Yves Lapierre created most of his albums. Most people will remember Lapointe for his role as Quebec premier Maurice Duplessis in the television series with the same name.

Lapointe awarded the title of Officer of Canada in 1984. Jean Chretien appointed him to the Senate in 2001. He served as a Liberal there until he forced out of office at 75. In 2006, he was promoted to the rank of officer of the National Order of Quebec. Lapointe was a member of the Canada Post Stamp Advisory Committee and a life member of Royal Philatelic Society of Canada.

Tributes to Jean Lapointe

Many people from all walks of life offered their condolences to Lapointe after his passing. Many admirers also expressed condolences via Twitter.

Anne Elizabeth Lapointe (general manager of the center’s treatment program), said in a statement that her father said Maison Jean Lapointe was his greatest pride. We are saddened by his departure, but we know he will be the heart of our institution.

“While losing our father is difficult, knowing that Quebecers will continue to cherish his humanist and artistic heritage is comforting is what we can do,” Jean-Marie Lapointe, Jean-Marie’s son, said in the statement.

Mat Vaillancourt tweeted “For those who don’t know him. Jean Lapointe, who was once a federal senator, was an actor/comedian from France. He was also a great volunteer for charitable causes like helping people with drug and drinking problems span>

Pablo Rodriguez wrote: Jean Lapointe, as an artist, senator, and through his social involvement has made a mark on Quebec, and Canada. I had the honor of meeting him in Ottawa. He was an extraordinary man. My thoughts and prayers are with his family today.

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