Staughton Lynd Died

Staughton Lynd Died: Staughton C. Lynd, an attorney, professor, author, and historian, died in Warren, at the Trumbull Regional Hospital in Warren, in the early hours on Thursday, November 17, 2022. He was 92.

After the announcement, many people paid tribute to the author and professor. People also sought out his cause of death, in addition to paying their respects. This article will explain what happened to him, and how he died.

How did Staughton Lynd Die?Staughton Lynd Died

Staughton Lynd, a long-time civil rights and peace activist, lawyer, and author, has passed away at the age of 92. Lynd was a Spelman College professor in the 1960s with Howard Zinn. He also served as the director of the SNCC Freedom Schools of Mississippi. Lynd was an early critic of Vietnam War. After he traveled to North Vietnam, in 1965, the State Department took his passport. Staughton Lynd, a conscientious objector in the Korean War, later supported U.S. troops who refused to fight for Iraq. Democracy Now! featured him. In 2006. Staughton Lynd Died:

Staughtonlynd: The logic of these precedents is that soldiers in Iraq, or like Lieutenant Ehren Watada under orders to deploy to Iraq, can declare, ‘I consider it to be a crime against war. Even if my superiors say something different, I have to use my judgment and my conscience. So I say “No.”

Who was Staughton Lynd?

The peace activist was a Philadelphian and practiced law in Youngstown. He was involved for many years with Northeast Ohio Legal Services. He worked closely with many forces to preserve the steel mills’ operation in the late 1970s and early 80s. Lynd, a Quaker, served as chief legal representative of the Mahoning Valley Ecumenical Coalition. This group aimed to revive closed mills through worker ownership.

Lynd and Alice persevered in their efforts to unify the Mahoning Valley workforce despite the failure of the attempt. Staughton Lynd, a lawyer and activist who has been with him for many years, wrote “The Fight Against Shutdowns Youngstown’s Steel Mill Closings” 1983. Before moving to the Valley, he received his doctorate from Columbia University in history.

Then he accepted a job as an instructor at Spelman College in Atlanta. Spelman College is an exclusive historically black liberal arts college. Howard Zinn was a civil rights activist and playwright. Our team extends deepest condolences and heartfelt respect to Zinn and his family. Keep checking Social Telecast for the latest updates and news from around the globe.

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