james nusser cause of death

James Nusser Cause of Death: James Nusser, an American television and film actor was best known for his role as Town Drunk (Stock Character), Louis Pheeters, in Gunsmoke (American Television Western Drama Series). Nusser died at the age 74.

This article will discuss James Nusser’s Wiki and Biography. It also discusses his Age, Cause of death, Net worth, Height, Education, Nationality, and Other Facts.

What was James Nusser Causes of Death?james nusser cause of death

James Nusser, a television actor, died June 1979 at the age of 74.1 years. James Nusser, an actor on television, died in Los Angeles, California. He buried at Valhalla Memorial Park Cemetery. There is little information available on Nusser’s Cause of Death. The cause of James Nusser’s death has not been revealed.

James Nusser Bio

James Nusser was a Cleveland, Ohio native, who was born in 1905. Nusser was just 74 years of age at the time of Nusser’s death. He played the most significant role in this long-running series’ two-part story “Nitro”, which was published in S12E28-29 in 1967.

Full Name James Nusser
Born May 3, 1905
Died June 8, 1979
Age 74 years
Networth $1M – $5M

James Nusser Education 

James Nusser started his academic career at home. He received a solid academic foundation. James then entered pre-school. He graduated with a degree. Then he entered high school. He went on to college after completing his high school graduation.

He learned the discipline to take on a challenge in high school. In college, he gained a lot of experience in his field. He earned a university degree. He also learned more skills while studying which he later used to be a benefit to his career. James Nusser has earned a variety degrees in different fields throughout his career to get his current position.

James Nusser Awards

Nusser has received numerous awards in different categories. He has received multiple degrees from internationally renowned universities for his extraordinary service to humanity. He is very fortunate to have received many awards from presidents and other people who are extremely important. James is widely known for his achievements in the human sector.

He is well-known for his ability entertain younger generations. People all over the globe have recognized him. James Nusser also has received many significant awards, which is an amazing distinction.

James Nusser Wife & Kids

Alice Nusser was James Nusser’s wife. Nusser was born USA. His parents were not wealthy. James Nusser was a young man who was already at the helm of an important historical period. To make ends meet, he had to balance his professional obligations with his family’s needs to pay for his son’s education.

He later moved to another city in the hope of getting a better education. He was close to his siblings throughout his childhood. James Nusser is married for many years. Only a few of his children are actually known by their surname.

James Nusser Net Worth

James Nusser was born May 3, 1905. He is a television and film actor. At the time of his death, he was 74 years old. According to reports, James Nusser Networth was between $1M and $5M. He died June 8, 1979.

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