Gerard Butler is a Scottish actor and producer. Gerard has been in the entertainment industry since the mid-90s, when he starred in such movies as Tomorrow Never Dies and Mrs. Brown. He also starred in the horror movie Tale of the Mummy. 

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Gerard Butler biography

gerard butler

The actor turned to acting in the mid-90s after studying law. He has since been featured in several films, including Mrs. Brown, Tomorrow Never Dies, and Tale of the Mummy.

One of his most notable roles, however, is as Count Dracula in the movie Dracula 2000, where he co-starred with Christopher Plummer and Jonny Lee Miller.

Born in Paisley, Scotland, Gerard Butler is the son of Margaret and Edward Butler. His parents were divorced when he was a toddler and he spent his early childhood in Montreal, Canada.

His parents split when he was just six months old and his mother brought him back to Scotland.

He later attended Glasgow University, where he studied to be a lawyer/solicitor.

In the same year, he became the youngest male member of a cast of thousands, which earned him the title of Scotland’s Most Beautiful Person.

Gerard Butler movies

Although he studied law, he quickly turned to acting in the mid-1990s, starring in movies like Mrs. Brown, Tomorrow Never Dies, and Tale of the Mummy.

Gerard Butler’s impressive acting skills have earned him several awards, including a BAFTA nomination for Best Supporting Actor. Below, we have listed some of his most popular movies.

“Banning”: This film is a bit of an exception to the usual action genre.

Though it starts off with an elaborate assassination attempt, it quickly drops the action and focuses on a biker gang lifestyle.

Gerard Butler’s character is essentially the most American man on screen, and his methods of revenge are quite philosophical.

The movie also stars Nick Nolte as Banning’s father, who attempts to prevent him from becoming President of the United States.

Gerard physical appearance

Gerard Butler is 6 feet and two inches tall. The actor has a perfectly maintained physique and boasts of a 47-inch chest, 36-inch waist, and 16-inch biceps. He has light brown hair and blue eyes.

Gerard Butler net worth

His net worth has been estimated at $30 million.

Gerard love life

While he’s stayed a gentleman, Gerard Butler has been a ladies’ man.

He’s dated Jennifer Aniston in 2008 and Lindsay Lohan in 2009.

While he’s still single, he’s been linked to several actresses over the years, including Jessica Biel and Laurie Cholewo.

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