Lee Min-Ho is a South Korean actor, singer, model, creative director and businessman.

He was born on 22 June 1987, in Heukseok-dong, Seoul, South Korea.

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Lee Min-Ho biography

lee min ho

Lee Min-ho was born on June 22, 1987. He is also a proud member of the Korean Olympic team and holds the title of president of the country’s governing body.

Lee Min-Ho is a South Korean actor, singer, creative director, model, businessman, and creative director.

Lee Min-ho rose to fame in the movie Boys Over Flowers as Gu Jun-pyo. This role earned him the Best New Actor award at the 45th Baeksang Arts Awards.

While Lee Min-ho’s age is not public knowledge, his career is a testament to his talent.

He stands at a height of 186 centimetres and weighs about 79 kilograms.  He is a six-foot one-inch (1.87) actor with a black hair and brown eyes.

Lee Min-Ho movies

The list of popular Korean films starring Lee Min-Ho continues to grow.

The talented South Korean actor has lent his talent to countless dramas in South Korea, including the recent Boys Over Flowers miniseries.

This has earned him a devoted fan base. Below are six of his favorite movies. If you’re looking for a new drama to watch, consider these six Lee Min-Ho films. They’re guaranteed to entertain.

Faith, aka “The Great Doctor,” is a Korean movie that combines present-day time with the Goryeo Period of history.

Lee Min Ho plays Choi Young, a Captain in the Royal Guard who crosses a mystic portal to bring heaven’s doctor to Earth.

His role is similar to that of the modern-day plastic surgeon Yoo Eun-soo, who is transported to the Goryeo period to treat the sick.

Lee Min-Ho upcoming drama

The actor, known for his captivating performances, is set to star in a new series.

It will be the first drama to feature the renowned actor. This upcoming series is set to air on Apple’s streaming service, Apple TV+.

The cast of the show includes Lee Min-Ho and Oscar-winning actress Youn Yuh Jung.

The upcoming Korean drama, titled “Ask the Stars”, is a romantic fantasy comedy-drama about astronauts and space tourists.

Lee will play the lead role of a gynecologist, Gong Ryong, and a Korean-American astronaut, Eve Kim.

The show is expected to premiere in 2023 and is directed by Park Shin-woo, who is known for the films “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay” and ‘Lovestruck in the City’. Seo Sook-hyang will write the script, “Ask the Stars.”

Lee Min-Ho girlfriend

Suzy Chang has been rumored to be Lee Min-Ho’s girlfriend since 2015.

After making her debut as a member of the Miss A girl group in 2010, Suzy has been making waves in the entertainment industry as an actress and singer.

Lee Min-Ho reportedly fell in love with her charms and did everything in his power to get her to date him.

The pair was last seen together on a date in 2015, and their relationship was confirmed by the agency of Suzy.

After their separation, the actor and actress rekindled their romance. Lee Min Ho dated actress Ji Chang for three years.

They eventually separated, due to Lee’s work commitments, but there are still rumors circulating about infidelity on the part of Ji Chang.

Although Lee Min Ho has been romantically linked with other actresses in the past, his relationship with Yoon Ina is his first. This is a clear sign that Lee Min-Ho has been in love with other women.

Lee Min physical appearance

He stands at a height of 186 centimeters and weighs about 79 kilograms.

He is a six-foot one-inch (1.87) actor with a black hair and brown eyes.

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