Ash Kaashh, a TikTok star who was born on January 9, 1998, is a social media influencer, model, and professional nail artist.

Kash, as she is often called, is best known for her sultry and sexual Instagram images, which have a cult following.

For the photos, she has also gotten flak from users on social media.

Ash has worked with well-known fashion and cosmetics brands such as Fashion Nova and Cash Clout as a model and brand influencer.

Kash has also used her enormous following to begin her entrepreneurial career. Heaven Sent Nails is the name of her virtual nail art shop. She sells a variety of nail art designs from there.

Ash Kaashh wiki, age & early career

ash kaashh

Kash is also the founder and CEO of the Fatal Attraction collection, a unisex clothing line due to debut soon. In addition, for a $49.99 subscription fee, Ash has an OnlyFans account where she shares movies and images.

Make money by becoming a social media sensation and gaining a significant following. In current climate, this has shown to be a reliable strategy for becoming wealthy.

Those that understand how to exploit social media relevance are generating a lot of money, and how you get famous isn’t as crucial as it once was. In fact, gaining notoriety through controversy is a strategy in and of itself.

As is the situation with the celebrity featured in this article, Ash Kash. We’ll discover more about her professional and personal lives in the coming weeks. To begin, here are some interesting facts regarding the social media sensation.

Ash Kaashh’s professional life

Ash is a model, social media influencer, entrepreneur, and nail artist, as previously said.

Her entire career was established by her use of Instagram to display her seductive attractiveness in images and videos. She primarily shared bikini photographs and videos, amassing a sizable following in the process.

Ash also created TikTok videos, which drew tens of millions of viewers in a short period of time.

She began to create fashion statements with her photographs in general, and so the beauty and fashion brand influencing portion of her portfolio began.

She began modelling for businesses such as Fashion Nova, Cash Clout, and others in the beauty and fashion industry.

These quickly evolved into collaborations and endorsement deals. Ash immediately took things a step further and signed with the South Modeling Agency for official representation.

Her love of nail art didn’t go unnoticed, however. She took it a step further by establishing Heaven Sent Nails, a nail polish and art company.

Ash has started the Fatal Attraction collection, which is a unisex apparel line. She has yet to officially launch the brand, however.

Ash Kaashh’s OnlyFans

Due to the nature of her posts, Ash’s social media profiles have been taken down multiple times. It’s no surprise that her pages and postings are frequently reported.

Ash, on the other hand, went one step further and created an OnlyFans account, which allows her to share sexual content while still earning money.

Her OnlyFans is available for $49.99 every month. She also has various packages available, such as a three-month subscription for $134.97 with a 10% discount. She charges $254.95 for a 6-month subscription with a 15% discount, and $419.92 for a year with a 30% discount.

Private life

Boyfriend of Ash Kaashh

Of course, one of the many things that Ash Kash’s followers care about is his or her dating status. She hasn’t explicitly introduced anyone as her man to the world, although she has hinted at having one.

“If you have been dating a man for over a year and he has not taken you anyplace tropical then baby that is not your man,” she claimed in a series of tweets. “My man is truly my best buddy,” she subsequently said.

“Idk how I’ll feel if a man ever cheats on me, if I love him I gotta go crazy, right?” reads another tweet. “Are you crazy or snapped like the First 48?”

They tweets have prompted some to believe she is dating, but unless she confirms it or displays a man, these are just rumours.

Rumors about Ash Kash’s death

Kash joined the long list of celebrities who have died as a result of online death hoaxes earlier in 2021.

Someone on the internet memorialised her by sharing a screenshot of her Instagram page. The image quickly went viral, and Twitter users rushed to post screenshots.

She had, however, posted a series of Instagram stories on her official account a few hours before the chaos erupted. There was also no official remark or reply from her family or management while the allegation was going around.

However, the rumours persisted, and another individual validated the initial information.

In fact, it appears that someone requested that Kaash’s page be memorialised on Facebook. Another image showed a Facebook email confirming that Ash’s page had been memorialised as requested.

The rumour sparked a flurry of responses on the internet. The bulk of people were perplexed by the news and just wondered why Ash had died.

“The internet is crazy for trying to make it sound like Ash Kaash died… y’all nasty,” one Twitter user stated.

“Ash kaash isn’t dead, but the sick thing is that now we know everyone’s just going to be horny freaks when she actually does d!3 like what is WRONG with y’all,” another person tweeted.

Ash Kash’s net worth

“I’m going to be a millionaire,” Kash said in the description of her debut Instagram photo.

It didn’t take long for it to become apparent. Kash has amassed a sizable fortune from commercial endorsement deals and paid social media advertisements.

She also makes money from her various business ventures. Kash is presently estimated to be worth $900,000, according to multiple estimates.


If used properly, the internet can be a moneymaker, and the younger generation appears to have figured it out. While their strategy may be considered unusual, it serves a purpose and gets the job done.

Ash Kash has built a significant fanbase based on controversy, which has resulted in financial success. She has also demonstrated ingenuity by broadening her company portfolio and creating new ventures.

She has done exceptionally well for a 23-year-old, and she still has a lot of possibilities and time to improve ahead of her.

Interesting Facts about Ash Kash

Ash’s biggest selling point is her stunning physique, and she keeps her followers riveted to her pages by routinely releasing steamy photographs and videos.

A private video of her giving an unnamed man a bl wjob was released on Reddit, which catapulted her into the spotlight.

Kash is not one of those people who keeps their personal lives hidden from prying eyes; she keeps her followers up to date on her everyday activities.

Ash is a fan of not only nail art but also body art in general, and she has a few tattoos on her body.

For her racy content, her Instagram account, which had millions of followers, was blocked. Her new account, on the other hand, has over 100,000 followers.

Ash Kaashh had a Tiktok account with over 2 million followers under the pseudonym @ashkaashh, however she also lost the account for unknown reasons.

Kash is a world traveller who has visited Mexico, Japan, Costa Rica, Jamaica, and a number of other countries.

She announced her good news in her first Instagram post, captioning it, “I’m going to be a billionaire.” She’s not quite there yet, but she’s getting there.

Ash, like a number of other celebrities, has been the victim of false death reports; a rumour of her death went over the internet before being discredited.

Kash’s net worth is presently believed to be between $700,000 and $900,00, according to multiple sources.

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