Kennya Baldwin is the wife of actor Stephen Baldwin and the Mother of Alaia Baldwin and Hailey Baldwin. She is the Mother in law of Justin Bieber.

Kennya Baldwin’s Biography

kennya baldwin

She was born on 24th October 1968, even though she was born from a well-respected family in Brazil.

Baldwin’s place of birth was in New York City, United States of America.

Kennya is an American in Nationality and a Caucasian in Ethnicity. Since she is of Portuguese and Italian descent.

Baldwin is a believer in Christianity that she brought upon her husband in her later years.

Kennya’s father, Eumir Deodato, is a legendary Bossa Nova Musician, a Pianist, Record Producer, Composer, and Arranger.

Kennya’s father won the 1974’s Grammy Award for Best Pop Instrumental Performance.

Mary Ellen Deodato is the mother of Kennya. She also has a brother Cassius Deodato.

In the early 2000s, her father divorces her mother for an unrevealed reason and starts dating another girl.

Kennya Baldwin’s Education

She finishes her Elementary education at the York Preparatory School in New York.

So, there she was, a student in the class 1984. However, Baldwin always knew that she wants the profession to be art.

So, she went on to study the Graphic Designer course at the Parsons School of Design.

Kennya Baldwin’s Career

From an early age, she is already using to being exposing to the spotlight.

She is the daughter of Grammy’s award-winning father. As a result, Baldwin has some Online articles and Publications.

Unless the footsteps of her legendary father. She chose the one and very passionate.

After graduating from college, Kennya went on to become a Professional Graphic Designer.

Her career starts as an IT professional. She is focusing on Graphic design.

And up to this day, she is still doing her job, even after marrying Stephen Baldwin.

She did not use her husband to engage in any job but involves the flashing lights of the camera.

Kennya’s current workplace is not yet disclosing to the public, maybe for security purposes.

Kennya Baldwin’s Relationship Status and Children

Her first meeting place was on a subway sometime in 1987, not long after their meeting.

After that, the two start dating and, in the end, fell hard for each other.

Their relationship becomes more robust, and ever until they both agree to make things official and permanent, both couples finally got married on 10th June 1990.

During this time, he was already famous and was starring in the series called “The Young Riders.”

A popular television series. He reports having struggled to get out from alcohol and drug addiction after first trying cocaine at his high school prom.

Baldwin was in this situation even during the time Kennya met Kennya.

But Stephen claims that he was already clean since their wedding in 1990.

After their wedding, Kennya starts coming with Stephen whenever he had Movie and Television engagements.

Because of this, a couple gets to travel a lot in the first years of their marriage.

However, their love for each other later made a fruit that strengthens their marriage more.

Both couple’s first daughter is Alaia Baldwin and born on the date of 24th January 1993.

Three years after, they welcome another baby girl. Her name is Hailey Baldwin, and born on the date of 22nd November 1996.

Even after the couple had their two unceremoniously happy, both did not stop travel from one place to another because of Stephen’s line of work.

So, Baldwin had to teach children at home their daughters for the first years of their lives.

Time has gone so fast that the couple barely notices that their daughters were already grown-ups.

They were exploring the wild world independently. However, Kennya and Stephen have always supported the career path that their daughters will choose to take.

Daughters, Alaia and Hailey, decide to take their father’s path. The couple cheer for them all the way.

Alaia is currently 28 years old. She is now a famous Model represents the United States and Great Britain by VNY Models and The Squad, respectively.

Her organization is already full of experiences regarding the fashion runway.

Since work for the biggest companies in New York and Milan. Her beauty has a goddess and attracts a lot of men. But only one manages to capture her heart.

Alaia married the Founder, President, Executive producer of Pocket Ace Productions, LLC, Andrew Aronow, in September 2017.

Hailey Baldwin is currently 24 years old. She is also a surprise on the runway and officially represents by IMG models.

Knew Hailey to have a model for various international top brands just like her sister.

She seems glamorously walking on some of the most glorious runways around the world.

In July of 2018, Hailey announces her engagement with the famous Pop Artist Justin Bieber.

Both finally exchange vows in a lavish wedding ceremony in 2019.

The Return of Christian Faith of Kennya Baldwin’s and Stephen

Both the couple had their first daughter, and they had to hire a Housekeeper.

It is how Augusta, a Brazilian woman, came into the picture. Augusta was the one who is constantly encouraging the couple to return to their Christian faith.

She was a Christian and may have lay low on her faith at the same time.

Stephen was a Christian, too, but he became distant from the faith after his drug abuse.

Not long after, Kennya was finally convinced to get back up again. She was born again.

She starts attending the Brazilian Evangelical Church in New York. Kennya then starts to convince his husband to return to faith and explains to his father all the good.

He will have on the arms of the Almighty God. But it was mainly the 9/11’s incident that became the primary driving force that made Stephen return to the religion of Christianity.

Kennya Baldwin’s Popularity on Social Media

Even though she has every reason and resource to shine in the Entertainment Industry, this beautiful Graphic Designer who chose to live a peaceful life away from the public eyes is maybe why she does not hold active social media accounts up to this date.

Kennya Baldwin’s and Stephen’s Controversies and Rumours

Both have been living a Happy and Peaceful married life together with two lovely daughters.

However, sometime in mid-2009, the couple faces a considerable controversy concerning their taxes.

Stephen had the approach to action with the law because he failed to pay for the Income Tax.

Both had to file a Chapter 11’s bankruptcy protection on 21st July 2009.

Because they were married, and Kennya has co-own all his properties. So, that had to file for joint bankruptcy.

A Couple lost homes in Upper Grandview, New York, and Nyack’s village to the action of taking possession of a mortgaged property.

So, they had to move into another house, which owns by Stephen’s brother and a famous Hollywood actor, Alec Baldwin.

Kennya Baldwin’s Net Worth

Because of her passion for art, she does enjoy a career where she practices what she loves.

As a result, she allows gaining a Decent amount of monetary support from her husband.

Her estimated Net Worth is about $300,000 from being a Graphic Designer alone.

On the other hand, Stephen Baldwin has a Net Worth of $1 million brought by his career in the Hollywood industry.

So, it is essential information on the topic of Kennya Baldwin’s.

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