Jacqueline Ray is a former American actress and model, who became known for her performance in the movies In Like Flint and Beyond the Universe, and in the television show Magnum.

Jacqueline Ray’s Biography

She is an Actress and Model. Jacqueline was born on the date of July 17, 1952, in California, United States. Her nationality is American.

Father’s name and her mother’s name are not known. Ray has spent most of her childhood in California. Also, there is no information available about her Siblings.

Jacqueline Ray’s Education

She is matriculating from High School. But never graduate from college.

Jacqueline Ray’s Career

She lands her first noticeable role in 1967 in the movie is called “In the Flint.”

Ray’s performance was so good that it opens the doors to Hollywood for her. After that, it to win prominent roles.

But it finally happens in 1980 in the movies “The Killings at Outpost Zeta,” “Magnum, P. I.” Television series in 1980 and, Beyond the Universe movie shot in 1981. After that, Jaqueline did not do much in the next 25 years.

Ray’s next performance value mentioning was in the series called Unfabulous and its sequel Unfabulous The Best Trip Ever in 2007.

Jacqueline Ray’s Relationship Status Children

Her love life was full of ups and downs, as she was in and out of relationships and married a couple of times.

Ray’s first husband was Shepard. That is everything the public knows about him.

Both have a son, Kevin Selleck, who was born in the date of 1966. Jacqueline’s second husband was Tom Selleck. He was a famous Actor and Producer.

Jaqueline’s husband is best known for playing “Magnum P.I.” from 1980 to 88. Ray married on May 15, 1971.

He then decides to adopt Jacqueline’s son, called him Kevin S. Shepard, before the adoption.

He ends up becoming an actor just like his mom and his stepfather.

He is mainly known for his role in the film “Scream 2”. After that, he married Anabelle. Both of them live now happily together.

Tom and Jacqueline divorce in 1982. It forms a theory that Jacqueline wants a divorce; she was jealous of Tom’s attention from his female fans.

After becoming famous for his character in the film called Magnum, P.I.

Ray married one more time to Clarence Barry Witmer on March 21, 1992.

The marriage did not last for long, but the exact date of their divorce is also unknown. Ray also has a daughter called Umeko Ray.

But it is unknown who her father is. Although, there are rumors that Jacqueline was with Clarence during her marriage.

Jacqueline is presently not working and is Single since she has been in jail since 2014.

Ray hired a Professional Hitman for $12,000 to kill her son-in-law, Leon Bauchum. He is the husband of her daughter Umeko.

To protect her from him, he was allegedly Violent and Abusive. His body finds, examined, and it took some time for concerning crime to put the evidence together.

Jacqueline confesses to what she did and prison to 18 years in jail.

At the same time, the Shooter, Luis Baker, was sentenced to 29. Ray went to jail with these words.

The hope with my sentencing here today, with God’s mercy, everyone will someday forgive me.

Jacqueline Ray’s Popularity on Social Media

She has been in jail since 2014. Therefore, it is pretty normal to expect that she is not using any social media platforms. One will only find her son and daughter’s accounts.

Jacqueline Ray’s Net Worth

She is now 57 years old. Ray has a Net Worth estimating to be over $500,000.

So, it is essential on the topic of Jacqueline Ray.

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