South Korean actor Jung Woo-Sung is the first Goodwill Ambassador of UNHCR. He has been active in various humanitarian projects since 2003.

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Jung Woo-Sung bio

jung woo sung

This South Korean actor is currently the first Korean Goodwill Ambassador of the UNHCR.

This actor has been a well-known face in South Korean cinema for years.

However, he has recently made a career switch and is now an ambassador for the UNHCR.

While his age and height may surprise you, he’s only twenty-one years old.

Born in the South Korean capital, Jung Woo-sung has been an actor since he was just a teenager.

He has starred in films like The Divine Move and Asura, his fourth collaboration with Director Kim Sung-su.

His role as a crooked detective was about to change as he tried to save his wife from her murderous husband by arresting the corrupt town mayor.

After playing a baduk player, he then starred in the critically acclaimed crime thriller The Divine Move.

Another role was an adulterous professor in Scarlet Innocence, a film which premiered at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival.

He also starred in a remake of a 2010 short film Remember O Goddess.

Jung Woo-Sung movies

One of the most notable South Korean actors is Jung Woo-sung, a member of the prestigious K-Drama Stars.

The actor is the first South Korean Goodwill Ambassador to UNHCR. His many roles in South Korean films have been met with critical acclaim.

Regardless of his diverse and talented career, he remains a popular choice for moviegoers. Below are a few of his best roles.

Although primarily known for his work in Korean movies, the versatile actor has also become a popular choice in the rest of Asia, particularly in Japan.

His diverse portfolio of roles has led him to appear in films ranging from thrillers and dramas to action and comedy.

Since his debut in 1994, he has been recognized for his work and landed a variety of top awards, including Best New Actor at the 17th Korean Association of Film Critics Awards.

In addition to his numerous critically acclaimed movies, Jung has also appeared in a few romantic comedies as well.

Jung Woo-Sung height

His height is approximately five feet, eleven inches.

Jung Woo-Sung wife

Rumors are circulating that Jung Woo-sung has been dating a Korean-American in his 30s.

The agency for the singer has denied the rumors. He met the girl through a mutual friend. It is still unclear as to why the couple is dating.

However, a source close to the singer told the media that the two had a long-distance relationship after they worked on a drama together.

While the actor is possibly single, there are reports that he has been dating actress Ji-ah Lee since 2011.

In 2011, the media had already planned to break the story. Lee Ji Ah was reportedly informed of the plans.

This would make her feel uncomfortable, and a woman who is rumored to be married to a famous actress has an easy time finding a partner.

However, there is no hard evidence that Jung Woo-sung has a girlfriend.

Jung net worth

His net worth is 3 million.

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