Irish actor Jack Gleeson is perhaps best known for his role in the HBO drama Game of Thrones.

Since the show ended, Gleeson has taken a break from acting, but recently returned to the world of acting with a part in a BBC miniseries, Out of Her Mind, and an independent theatre production.

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Jack Gleeson bio

jack gleeson

Jack Gleeson is a male actor who was born on 20 May 1992 in Cork, Ireland.

He was born under the Western Astrology zodiac sign of Taurus. His age in 2021 will make him 1.7 meters tall.

Jack Gleeson has starred in movies such as Batman Begins and Reign of Fire. In addition to playing famous characters like Joffrey Baratheon, Jack has also acted in a few commercials.

After finishing high school, Jack Gleeson joined a local community theatre and began performing in shows.

This helped pave the way for his acting career. In 2002, Gleeson starred as the character Jack in a short film called ‘Moving Day.’

After this, he appeared in similar roles in ‘Fishtale’ and ‘Tom Waits Made Me Cry’.

Jack Gleeson movies

There are a number of Jack Gleeson movies and net worth figures. While most of his films are unremarkable, his last two major productions drew in impressive box office returns.

“Little Boy,” which was made for $150 million, earned $375.2 million at the worldwide box office. The actor’s latest film, “Reign of Fire,” made $82.2 million on a budget of $60 million.

Jack Gleeson’s acting career began when he was only eight years old. He attended the Independent Theatre Workshop and starred in films such as Batman

Begins, Reign of Fire, All Good Children, and A Shine of Rainbows. His role on Game of Thrones has spawned numerous memes.

He was paired with Kit Harington, Jerome Flyn, Maisie Williams, and Richard Madden.

Jack physical appearance

He is a little over five feet seven inches or 170cm tall, and he weighs seventy-five kilograms. The actor has light blond hair and blue eyes.

Jack net worth

According to some estimates, the actor Jack has a net worth of $6 million.

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