Chad L Coleman  is an American actor. He was born on September 6, 1974, in Richmond, Virginia.

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Chad L. Coleman biography

chad l coleman

Coleman was raised by foster parents and has two brothers. His biological father was a junk collector.

His brother is a minister and board chairperson at the Richmond school. Chad L. Coleman age has been listed online since 2004.

Coleman started his career playing the role of Mingo on the History Channel’s Roots reimagining.

He also serves as the executive producer. Coleman is also credited for providing aesthetic inspiration for the character Mr. Osi.

Most recently, he is set to voice Fred Johnson in the science fiction series ‘The Expanse’.

His acting career continues to expand. He is also a voice actor and he has starred in multiple movies, including ‘Everwood’.

Chad L. Coleman movies

Chad L. Coleman has acted in a number of popular movies and TV shows.

He has lent his voice to video game characters as well. In addition to films, Coleman has appeared in TV shows and has produced a number of television shows.

Below are some of the movies and TV shows in which Coleman has appeared.

These movies and TV shows are a great way to find out more about the talented actor. Check out these movies and TV shows to see more about his diverse career.

Known for his role as Dennis “Cutty” Wise on the HBO series ‘The Wire’, Chad L. Coleman is an accomplished actor and has appeared in many successful movies.

He is perhaps best known for his role as Coach on the cult hit horror film ‘The Walking Dead’ and “The Wire.”

In addition to these movies and TV shows, Chad L. Coleman has a long list of other credits, including a role in the upcoming movie ‘Suicide Squad’.

Chad L. Coleman wife

The marriage of Chad L. Coleman and actress Sally Stewart has been the subject of much speculation.

While Coleman was raised in Richmond, Virginia, he was placed in a foster home when he was a young child.

After suffering a leg injury, he turned to drama studies and attended Virginia Commonwealth University on a scholarship for his freshman year.

During his time in the army, Coleman served as a video cameraman and worked at the Pentagon.

He remained there for two years, and then he left for Hollywood. During this time, he married actress Sally Stewart, who has since become an actress in her own right.

While Coleman’s resume is impressive, his real passion is his family.

He has been a wonderful father and a loving partner to his children, which is what makes him such a great husband and father.

He shares adorable images of his children on social media, referring to his son Caleb as ‘King Caleb‘ and his daughter as ‘SaCha.’

Both Coleman children have pursued acting careers, and both are pursuing their dreams of stardom.

Chad L. Coleman net worth

Chad L. Coleman has a net worth of $1.5 million.

Chad physical appearance

He holds the height of 1.8 meters. His hair is black and he has hazel brown eyes.

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