Who was Angel Candelaria & What caused of his death: A shooting occurred recently in a restaurant, and the victim aimed the pistol at everyone, causing a panic-like situation among the patrons.

The restaurant was in Fort Lauderdale, and people bought ordinary food there regularly.

The restaurant employees were going about their daily tasks as they always do. Everything seemed to be running smoothly. Until the shooter appears

Who was Angel Candelaria ?

Angel Candelaria

According to Peter Lopez, the restaurant’s director, the shooting involved both former and present employees. He’s only speculating. Both were involved in this case, but no formal statement has been issued.

The incident began when the two got into a heated disagreement at the restaurant’s tiki bar, according to a witness who did not want to be recognized.

I told the crew that they needed to take it down. However, their debate escalates into a rage, and their voices get louder and louder.

Customers are beginning to pay attention to the issue they are debating. Their reactions are captured on their CCTV cameras, making it possible to determine who started the first fight. When it comes to situations like this, cops are very strict.

What happened to Angel Candelaria?

The Fort Lauderdale Fire and Rescue Department was dispatched to the 3000 block of NE 32nd Avenue, where they discovered a male suffering from gunshot wounds.

Officials say the former employee entered the restaurant about 4 p.m. on Tuesday, started a dispute, and when their master didn’t fix it, he shot him dead. Broward Health Center has been notified of the death.

Angel Candelaria’s Cause of Death

As far as I know, the victim is also an adult male accused of working a new shift.

After a conflict, the ex-employee returned to the company. Detective Ali Adamson of the Fort Lauderdale Police Department said, “I don’t know anything about the details of the argument.”

Angel Candelaria: Instagram, Age

A Miami-Dade Landlord’s Notice of Rent Increase. The restaurant described the gunman as a former employee, saying in a statement, “This is a situation between a previous employee and a current employee.” We’re collaborating with the authorities closely.

Police have identified Angel Candelaria, 33, as the suspect. He was arrested and charged with first-degree murder at 2400 E Commercial Boulevard. He is now in the custody of cops, who are taking good care of him.

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