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Who is Travis Kelce Dating? Kayla Nicole Bio, Career, Family & More



Who is Travis Kelce Dating

Who is Travis Kelce Dating: Kalya Nicole, a sports journalist and former beauty pageant contestant, has been a reporter for NBA/BET. She is now more well-known as Travis Kelce’s girlfriend since they began dating in 2017.

This article will cover everything you need to know about Travis Kelce’s girlfriend Kalya Nicole. Keep reading and let me know if you feel the couple has split due to their spending habits.

Who is Travis Kelce Dating?Who is Travis Kelce Dating

Kalya Nicole has yet to be called “Travis Kelce’s wife,” but let’s hope they get married soon so the NFL star can have a family. Travis Kelce, an NFL star, plays tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs. Many have been drawn to his bold and fearless plays, but Kayla Nicole is the TV personality who holds his heart.

Travis Kelce and Kayla Nicole split in August 2020. Everyone thought that their relationship was over. They were reunited in months, but their love did not end.

This video, which was published on Youtube on May 26, 2022, claims that the couple split up once again. However, more details are still to be revealed. Let’s pray that the couple has rekindled their relationship and are now together. According to the video, Travis made her pay for all she did in their relationship.

This seems to be the ridiculous reason the couple parted ways, which is hard to believe for us.


Kayla Nicole Bio

Kayla Nicole was the daughter of Robin Curry and Roosevelt Brown, Born on November 2, 1991 in Los Angeles, California. Nicole is 31. The model is the second child of the couple. She was previously known by Kayla Brown, before she changed her last name to Nicole. Robin Curry and Roosevelt Brown have been separated for a long time. Robin Curry, Robin’s mother, has been married again.

Kayla was only a teenager when her parents divorced, but she has a strong relationship with her stepfather and both her parents. Kayla also has four siblings: one older sibling and three younger-half brothers. Her older sibling is unknown at this time. Contrary to popular belief, her siblings’ names are Hayda Curry and Layla-Simone Curry. They are Robin Curry’s children and her husband. The beautiful Journalist lives close to her family.

Kayla Nicole Career 

Kayla Nicole is an extremely well-known personality. However, many believe that Kayla’s popularity is due to her love for Travis Kelce, an NFL football player. Nicole is a talented woman. Kayla completed her high school education at a local school, and then she went on to Pepperdine University to pursue undergraduate studies. She earned a bachelor’s in broadcast journalism, and she entered the TV media.

The model is an on-air host, and has previously reported for BET and the NBA. After she began dating the NFL star, her job as a Journalist earned her fame and recognition. She has also taken part in beauty pageants. She is known for her charm and beauty.

  • Top 20 Miss CA 2013
  • Complete 10 Miss USA USA 2012
  • Miss Malibu 2013: 1st runner up
  • Miss Southern Coast Regional 2012: 2nd Runner-up
  • Miss Malibu 2012: 3rd Runner-up

Today, she is the owner of Strong is Sexy, an inclusive fitness brand. She also runs a Youtube channel. Kayla is also an ambassador for Savage x Fenty lingerie brand. She is not as well-known on social media as her boyfriend, but she is still a popular name. Her many endeavors have earned her a lot of fans, fame, and success.

Kayla Nicole Height & Weight

We can see that she is very conscious of her appearance. The Journalist is 5′ 8″ tall and weighs in at 58kg. Kayla is an extremely well-endowed woman with measurements of 36-24-40. Her curvy figure is further enhanced by her fashion sense.


Kayla Nicole Boyfriend

You are likely to be familiar with Travis Kelce if you are an NFL fan. Travis Micheal Kelce was the son of Ed and Donna Kelce. He was born October 5, 1989. He has always had a great aptitude for running since he was young.

Jason Kelce, Jason’s elder brother, is also a American football player. They fought and competed with each other growing up which helped their development. They are now one of the best siblings in the NFL.

Kayla Nicole Relationships And Exes

Kayla Nicole and Travis Kelce first shared their relationship at a May 2017 wedding. The couple were at the wedding of a former NFL player, Jeremy Maclin to Adia Kushma. Kayla was present at the after-parties and was visible in his games every day following the announcement.

They are very open about their relationship and you can find many photos and videos of them on Facebook. This may explain why so much of the public is so interested in their relationship. Kayla asked one of her Instagram followers how they met. She replied that he insta-stopped her. I DMed him. The End.

Modern love is a wonderful thing. They look so happy together. But it’s not for everyone. The internet is full of love for Maya Benberry and Travis, but Travis’ ex-girlfriend doesn’t seem to be happy, which isn’t surprising. Travis was a star in “Catching Kelce,” a 2016 show where women competed for his affections before he met Kayla.


Maya Benberry beat several women to win the show and Kelce was the prize. However, the couple split soon afterwards in January 2017. Maya discovered about Travis’ new relationship by tweeting. She stated that Travis had broken up with her five months ago but that Kayla had been with him for six months.

These claims were not common and quickly forgotten by the public who couldn’t stop gushing over the adorable pair.

Kayla Nicole Break Up and Patch Up

The split between Travis Kelce (left) and Kayla Nicole (right) occurred in August 2020. Fans and followers were puzzled at the sudden, unexplained split after being together for three decades. Kayla then deleted all photos of herself and the NFL star from her social media accounts, as if to erase all evidence of her relationship Travis.

Many rumors circulated about Kayla being cheated on by an athlete, but Kelce refuted the allegations and said that it was fake news and a lie and not the reason for their separation. The model was spotted in Kelce’s games in November 2020. Later, Kelce revealed that the couple were back together. It is not known what caused their disintegration, but it may have been solved.

Kayla Nicole Social Media

There isn’t a celebrity on social media at this time. Kayla is one of many famous people who have achieved success online. Kayla has thousands of followers on social media and is very active on them. Multiple photos of Kayla’s daily life and trips are shared on Instagram by Travis Kelce. She promotes her brands on social media in a similar fashion. She also has a Youtube channel, where she posts workouts and vlogs.


Here are some links to her social media accounts:

Kayla Nicole Net worth

Her estimated net worth is $2 million as of 2022.

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