Sonya Nicole Hamlin: She was born in 1974 in the United  States. She is best known as the American real estate lawyer, English actor, producer, musician and specializes in property law. She is graduated from a local high school. She got married to Idris Elba on 9th April 2006. Know why she took divorce and know her full story you can read the full article here thecelebography

Sonya Nicole Hamlin Biography

Sonya Nicole Hamlin

Sonya Nicole Hamlin, an American real-estate lawyer who is best known as Idris Elba‘s ex-wife. Idris Elba is an English actor, producer, singer, and DJ . Sonya Nicole Hamlin was born in the United States of America in the year 1974. There is no information available about her parents, siblings, or early years.

Sonya Nicole Hamlin attended a local high school before heading to London and Washington to study law. She is an expert in real estate law. She began practicing privately after graduation and filed for bankruptcy in 2009.

Sonya Nicole Relationship & Married life

In 2005, Sonya met Idris through a common friend for the first time. She was still in the early stages of her legal practice at the time. Idris was still trying to get over his broken relationship with pole dancer Desiree Newberry, and she had a small office with about ten people.

He was previously married to Hanne Norgaard, a makeup artist, and the couple had a kid together.
Sonya and Idris started dating after a while. In Maryland, they even started living together.

In Vegas, the couple spent a lot of time together. They had no intention of marrying. They did, however, decide to take the leap after dating for several months.
On April 9, 2006, Sonya and Idris married in the ‘Kittle White Wedding Chapel’ in Las Vegas.

The only witness to the wedding was an estate agent named Daniel Krastev. Unfortunately, their relationship deteriorated quickly after that. Sonya’s career was taking off, while Idris was still looking for work. This produced a rift in their relationship, and they eventually chose to split.

Why Nicole had to take Divorce?

After only a few weeks of marriage to Idris, Sonya filed for divorce. Sonya’s focus on her career, according to insiders, was the reason for the divorce. She couldn’t go to Los Angeles after the marriage because she had a successful law practice in Nevada.

Idris opted for a career above marriage as well. According to reports, Sonya’s divorce had a significant impact on her.
In June 2006, a divorce petition was filed in Maryland. The state legislation, on the other hand, stipulated that any marriage must continue at least a year before a couple files for divorce. As a result, Sonya filed for divorce in Nevada.

Sonya revealed further reasons for the divorce in an interview. She indicated that she adored Idris, but that his previous relationships had strained their bond. She also blamed Idris’ friends, who were hell-bent on proving Sonya was a negative omen in Idris’ life. During the divorce proceedings, Idris’ lawyers claimed that his ambitions to become a sex symbol in Hollywood may have harmed his marriage.

Sonya and Idris are no longer officially married. She still believes in Idris and admires his accomplishments. Sonya is still single and only appears in public on rare occasions. She isn’t on any socia media platforms, either. Sonya now resides on the Eastern Seaboard in Maryland.

Nicole Hamlins Net Worth

Sonya Nicole Hamlin’s net worth is believed to be $2 million. She earns money by working as an attorney. She presently owns a property in Maryland valued £400,000.

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