Who is Sean Kratz?: The 2017 Philadelphia incident blew everyone’s mind. The heinous and murderous killings of three people grabbed headlines in practically every newspaper in the United States and worldwide.

Cosmo DiNardo and Sean Kratz were found to be the perpetrators after many quick investigations.

The case was taken to court and stayed there for nearly two years until a final statement was issued in September.

Sean Kratz Age, Family, Parents & Wiki

Sean Kratz and his crime partner cosmo DiNard

Sean Kratz is an American citizen belongs from Bucks County, Pennsylvania native. He is also the cousin of Cosmo DiNardo, his crime partner. He is also currently 23 years old.

Kratz had been involved in several illicit actions before the Pennsylvania incident.

He has previously been charged with criminal trespassing, mischief, and burglary. In his early illegal days, he was heavily involved in the robbery.

According to his statement, Kratz and his cousin DiNardo used to assist robbers. Those thieves’ top priority was always robbery. They used to lure people in, rob them, and then kill them.

The other members of his family have gone missing without a trace. It’s not surprising that there are no details regarding his parents and family. No one would be proud of a son like that.

Sean Kratz’s Current Situation in 2020: Where is Sean Michael Kratz Now?

Sean Kratz is now incarcerated at the SCI Phoenix. It is a Pennsylvania prison located in the Township of Montgomery County.

According to speculations, he will be transferred to SCI Camp Hill. It’s a juvenile detention center with an industrial school.

The family of the victims, on the other hand, does not appreciate this conduct.

Kratz was condemned to life in prison without the possibility of release in September of this year.

The majority of people assumed it would be the death penalty. His lawyer, Matt Petrillo, considers it a victory that he was sentenced to life in prison rather than death.

He promises that he will campaign for Kratz’s release.

Dean A Finochhario, Thomas C Meo, Jimi T Patrick, and Mark R Sturgis were allegedly murdered by him.

According to his confession, he admitted to shooting and killing Dean A Finochhario. However, he did not believe he was responsible for any additional murders.

As a result, he was charged with one first-degree murder, assisting in manslaughter, robbery, corpse abuse, and additional counts by the District Attorney.

Kratz was also prepared to enter a plea, but he changed his mind at the last minute before the judge sentenced him to life in prison.

Cosmo DiNardo, how about you?

He, like Kratz, was condemned to life in jail. Currently, he is incarcerated at the State Correctional Institution. It is one of the most secure prisons in the Department of Corrections.

How did the incident take place?

If you weren’t in the habit of watching the news at the time, you might have missed how the incident unfolded. According to the police investigation, the following is how the events transpired.

Sean Kratz and his cousin Cosmo DiNardo have been assisting people in committing robberies for a long time. DiNardo, meanwhile, enticed four guys to his family’s property outside of New Hope under the guise of a heroin deal.

He then plundered the men, killed them, and buried them in a 12-foot grave with the help of Kratz. People all across the world were appalled by the cruel murder and robbery.

On the other hand, Kratz stated in court that his relative is a monster. He also joined him since he was afraid of him. But nothing worked, and he was condemned to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

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