Afton Smith is an American film and television actress who rose to prominence after marrying Canadian-American actor Brendan Fraser. She aspired to be a Hollywood superstar since she was a child, and she made her acting debut in the 1987 film Less Than Zero.

As a result, she was cast in several roles and excelled in them, notably her major role in the film George Of The Jungle, in which she co-starred with her husband Brendan.

She remained a wonderful wife until April 2008, when she divorced her husband after three sons.

Questions regarding her divorce have been raised, and we’re about to tell you how it all began, including specifics about her person. So keep reading!

Early Years in Afton Smith’s Life and Career

Afton Smith

Afton Smith was born in Northport, Long Island, New York on the 3rd day of the month of December 1967. She is of Caucasian ancestry and holds an American nationality as a result of her birthplace.

There are no records suggesting that the actress attended school, and there are no records indicating that she was homeschooled. She has also concealed details about her childhood and family because she is a very private person.

Being a Hollywood superstar is not easy to achieve, but Afton Smith had nurtured the desire of becoming one for a long time and methodically pursued it.

She made her acting debut in the 1987 film Less Than Zero, but she didn’t earn any additional roles until four years later, in 1991, in the film Fried Green Tomatoes.

Her performance in the film catapulted her to popularity and led to a slew of further opportunities.

Following that, she starred in the romantic comedy-drama film Reality Bites (1994), and then in the film George of the Jungle (1997), which cemented her public notoriety.

She retired from acting after working on the film George of the Jungle with her husband. As a result, she has only four films to her credit as an actress.

She published a book titled Hollywood Picks the Classics: A Guide for the Beginner and the Aficionado in 2004 after leaving the acting industry.

Know About Her Children and Ex-Husband

At the set of the film Reality Bites, Afton Smith met her better half, Brendan Fraser. At a BBQ, they were introduced by Winona Ryder, the film’s producer.

Their chemistry was instantaneous, and they began dating. Despite the fact that she is a year Fraser’s senior, they were born on the same day but in separate years.

They dated for four years before getting engaged in the month of October 1997. They married almost exactly a year later, in September 1998, at the Bel Air Hotel in Los Angeles.

As a result, on September 17, 2002, they welcomed their first son, Griffin Arthur Fraser; on August 16, 2004, they welcomed their second son, Holden Fletcher Fraser; and on May 2, 2006, they welcomed their third son, Leland Francis Fraser.

Brendan Fraser and Reson Afton Smith Divorced in Real Life

Smith and Fraser appeared to be having a good time because they were prone to a lot of PDA, but their admirers had no idea what was going on behind the scenes.

Brendan made a public announcement one year and seven months after their last boy was born, announcing that they had decided to break their marriage.

Their divorce was not easy to achieve because it required a lot of controversy.

Brendan wanted to divorce her without following the necessary steps, but the court, seeing how well-adjusted the actor was, issued a permanent order requiring him to pay her $900,000 in annual alimony, $50,000 in monthly alimony, and $300,000 in child support.

Brendan eventually petitioned the court to lessen the required amounts, claiming that he was no longer active on the screens and that he was also suffering from health problems.

He backed up his claims with a detailed paper detailing his health-related expenses.

Afton Smith believed her husband was lying because he had lately made a fortune in a movie role prior to their divorce. She backed up her claims by claiming that her ex-husband was concealing his assets.

After hearing Brendan’s side of the storey, the court lowered his alimony.

The divorce sparked a lot of controversy, especially among their individual fans, and gained Afton the moniker “money digger” from a slew of Brendan’s supporters.

Afton’s assertion that Brendan might be hiding his assets was backed up by a few others.

Brendan’s involvement with fellow actress Maria Bello, with whom he became acquainted after making a movie together in China, has been linked to their divorce.

Fans have been waiting to hear what the status of the rumour is, as expected, but the rumour has yet to be confirmed.

Afton Smith hasn’t been spotted with anyone since her divorce, and she’s been preoccupied with motherhood.

What is her current net worth?

She was believed to be worth $3 million in early 2018 before to her divorce with her spouse, according to certain records.

Other records have their reservations, implying that her worth should be higher, especially given that she receives a stunning $900,000 in alimony each year.

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