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Where Is Johnny McClain Now?



Johnny McClain

Johnny McClain

Johnny McClain was a two-time world champion boxer who later became an actor and celebrity in Hollywood. His involvement with Laila Ali’s life story is quite an inspiring tale; even after their many achievements together, few people know about Johnny McClain’s personal journey. Even today, few people know about this remarkable man’s life story.

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How was Johnny McClain’s childhood like?

Johnny ‘Yahya’ McClain, better known by his stage name Johnny McClain, was born on September 9th 1967 in Las Vegas, Nevada and quickly made a name for himself as an athlete and performer. From an early age he showed great promise as both an entertainer and sportsman.

Johnny McClain’s Boxing Career

Johnny  was a well-known figure in boxing when he began his professional career in 1990. He competed mainly in light heavyweight and cruiserweight weight categories before winning the WBC Continental American Light Heavyweight title in 1995.

Since then, McClain had won multiple titles throughout boxing: when the Lightweight title was won he moved up to upper division weights where he once again achieved success; becoming twice WBU Cruiserweight Champion of the World! This continued for nearly 30 years as Johnny became popular worldwide during that period


When did Laila Ali meet Johnny McClain?

Laila Ali’s encounter with Johnny McClain remains mysterious to this day. Laila was his student at his boxing gym, and some sources suggest the two began dating around 1999. According to reports, McClain was an incredibly committed and powerful trainer who helped Laila Ali achieve great success in boxing.

After 1999, their lives took an unexpected turn. They fell in love and married on August 27th 2000; together they had three children and a thriving family life. But ultimately it didn’t work out and on July 21st 2001 they divorced.

What is Johnny McClain doing today?

Johnny McClain primarily works in the entertainment industry. He produces, directs and acts in movies while winning multiple awards for his efforts. According to IMDB and other media sources, Johnny will be seen playing Damian’s trainer in upcoming sports fiction movie ‘Creed 3’.


Johnny McClain possesses an extraordinary talent which he has demonstrated throughout his life through sport and entertainment.

After 30 years in professional boxing, and nearly 30 more in the entertainment industry, McClain has achieved great success. According to various sources, Johnny McClain has a net worth of approximately $2m. However, other reports state otherwise.


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