What Is a Sissy Crossdresser

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Meaning of Sissy Crossdresser

Sissy Crossdresser

The classic definition of “sissy,” simply meant someone who was insufficiently masculine, a poor boy at sports, too bookish or relating to the intellect, afraid of fighting, etc.

There was no sexual idea to the term. Many years ago, the American company Armour Hot Dogs had an advertisement that clearly shows all the different types of kids.

Those love their product, and the song includes the line “tough kids, sissy kids.” Showing, respectively, a muscular boy with an angry look on his face. Then a boy looks thin and weak.

That is not what this word is means now, particularly in the LGBTQ. World.

To anyone who has any connection at all to the world outside the traditional sex or gender roles. “kinky” life, the word “sissy” indicates a lifestyle of Humiliation, Infantilism, and Feminization.

A sissy is usually, but not always, expects to wear clothing typical of the opposite sex.

But cross dress as a very young preteen girl. I suspect most “Lolita” fashion is made for and sold to male sissies.

Even in diapers and to behave accordingly. “Sissy” is not a disapproval term but an intentional choice made by the participants.

Of course, crossdressing as a lifestyle exists separately from BDSM.

How I Became A Sissy Crossdresser?

Most of the crossdressers have different reasons for crossdressing. And generally “dress their age” to appear as Adult women.

So nearly all self-identified sissies are crossdressers. But not all crossdressers – in fact, very few of them – are sissies.

It should confess that use of terms like “most” and “very few” and “nearly all” out of guesswork, on the own experience with crossdressers online.

I was just going by the statistical data and most popular discussion boards.

Very rarely does someone bring up sissy behavior or clothing? But perhaps simply not looking in the right places, as mentioned in other answers relating to crossdressing population size.

There are very few reliable surveys and none in the past couple of decades. Part of the problem is that most.

There is that word again crossdressers are very Secretive and Hesitant to answer direct questions.

Even when they are assuring their answers will be unknown authorship. More so for those who live on the far the border of crossdressing.

Includes Sissies, Ready to conform to the authority and other Fetishists.

A Sissy Tip For Crossdressing in Public

You, as a sissy, are now freer than ever to express your femininity more publicly, thanks to the LGBT movement’s growing momentum and the removal of much of the social taboo surrounding TGs and crossdressers—about goddamn time.

It’s up to you to decide how ‘openly’ you want to be.

You may be perfectly content to pursue your dressing goals from the safety and comfort of your own home.

Or, depending on your familial status, you may not be able to flaunt your femininity right now publicly.

But, if the circumstances allow, perhaps you’re more than ready to put that incredibly cute, ultra-feminine dress (with you in it) on public display shortly… perhaps, who knows, even sooner?

Or maybe, like me, you’ve already done so.

Regardless of where you are in the process of planning or making your first public appearance, you may encounter the same stumbling block that all of us sissies confront.

We must face our fear of flaunting our femininity in the actual world to do so. We appear to be paralyzed by fear.

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