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Shivani Bafna: Bio, Profession, Husband & Networth



shivani bafna

Shivani Bafna is a popular Indian American social media personality, influencer and entrepreneur. She is best known for her dance videos on YouTube.

With over 174,000 subscribers and more than 500,000 followers on Instagram, she is one of the most popular video content creators in the country.

Shivani Bafna bio

shivani bafna

Shivani Bafna is an Indian American influencer and model, who has a huge following on Instagram and YouTube. She is the founder of the Behind Every Dream podcast, which recounts her experiences in the media industry and interviews Bollywood and Hollywood stars.

Shivani started her career as an actress, but after a couple of years she switched to modeling. Her Instagram account has over 470,000 followers. The most popular posts on her profile include a dance number from her wedding.

As a vlogger, Shivani regularly posts videos of herself dancing and modeling on her social networking account. Her YouTube channel has a large following as well, with over three million views. It is estimated that her Instagram influence rate is 6.75 percent.


Shivani was born in Houston, Texas, in the United States. Her family moved to another city with her when she was young. In high school, she attended Solon High School in Ohio. After finishing college, she moved to India to pursue a career in entertainment.

Shivani Bafna profession

Shivani Bafna is a famous social media influencer. Her Instagram account boasts over 500,000 followers. She is also known for her YouTube channel and blog. One of the best features of her social media pages is that she regularly posts photos of her fitness regimen.

Shivani is the daughter of Shamik and Shalini Bafna. When she was a child, she lived with her maternal grandmother in Mumbai. Shivani was a big fan of Bollywood and wanted to become a Bollywood actress.

Shivani has been involved with several reputable brands over the years. In addition to the social media platforms, she has also been featured in multiple fashion catalogues.

This has allowed her to earn a decent amount of money. From her early days in Mumbai, she had to work her way up. After a few years of toil, she finally met the love of her life. The two got married in December 2021.


On the personal front, Shivani is a proud mother of one. She shares her time between her family and her job as a social media influencer.

Shivani husband

Shivani Bafna is married to Shyam Shah. With over 174,000 subscribers and more than 500,000 followers on Instagram, she is one of the most popular video content creators in the country. Whether she is posting about her wedding, her latest makeover or a new song from a Bollywood movie, she is sure to keep her fans entertained.

During her high school years in Solon, Ohio, Shivani was obsessed with Bollywood. In fact, she was so interested in the movies that she studied dance and music, so she could be an actress when she grew up. However, she ultimately ended up getting a Bachelor’s degree in Arts from the University of Michigan.

While she was attending college, she and her friend Shyam Shah became dancing partners. During their college Diwali festival, they performed a few dances. Afterwards, they began dating and eventually got engaged.

Shivani networth

Shivani networth is 400k. She’s best known for her dance content on Instagram, but she’s also interviewed big filmmakers like Deepika Padukone, and she founded a community for successful people called Behind Every Dream. The podcast she founded is very popular.


Before becoming an entrepreneur, Shivani studied at Solon High School in Ohio, and then went on to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Media Studies from the University of Michigan. After that, she interned at the Asian Variety Show in Mumbai. As part of her internship, she worked as a TV host.

When she was a teenager, Shivani was obsessed with Bollywood movies. In college, she met her future husband, Shyam Shah. They were dating for a year and a half. But they broke up when Shivani moved to Mumbai. Since then, they’ve been in a long-distance relationship.

On YouTube, Shivani has 7.5 million views. One of her videos is a scene from the Ranbir Kapoor movie, which she re-enacts. Another popular post is the dance number from her wedding.

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