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Sandra Bennett’s Biography

Sandra Bennett

She is the name of the famous Television show’s Host and Television Personality. She came into the limelight and grabbing the attention.

When she has seen as a Host for the American Home Shopping Broadcast Channel QVC. That is a Shopping Channel.

Sandra was born on July 14, 1970. Sandra was born into a Military family. According to her father’s professional, she spent most of her childhood traveling.

Her other sibling was born in different states. Even Bennett’s family lived at a military base in the Mojave Desert, California, for seven years.

Sandra Bennett’s Education

She completes her Graduation in English Writing and Communications from the University of Pittsburgh in 1995.

Sandra Bennett’s Career

From an early child, she wants to make her profession in Television Journalism. After completing college studies, she started her career as a Television Reporter and Anchor in Harrisburg as per her childhood dream and worked for over 12 years.

But when her first daughter came along. After 12 years of employment. Sandra starts writing a Book and writes seven books for different clients.

She got her first breakthrough when Sandra was appointed as a Television Presenter on QVC. She now hosts the show called Friday Night Beauty. Also co-hosts the 10 pm Sunday Susan Graver’s show.

Sandra Bennett’s Relationship Status and Children

She is a married woman; she was married to Adam on February 21, 2009. After sometimes Bennett adopts a Chinese baby girl, born in the year 1999.

Before Sandra was married to Adam, Adam happily accepts the cute daughter as a Blessing.

Reportedly her Chinese daughter attends her mother’s happiest day. The little girl was all set with tissue paper when her mom could not hold her happy tears during her wedding.

After many years of being together, the couple is blessed with another daughter. Their younger daughter is now nine years old. The couple and their daughters share a happy life as a family.

Sandra Bennett’s Controversial

She is the QVC Host. Commented on Michelle Holloway’s hairstyle in 2015.

At the same time, the camera turns towards Michelle Holloway. The Host is then heard saying, and You may look back and think. “Why did I wear my hair like that?” But one will like the bag still.

After that, Sandra was criticized severely on social media to feel no concern for others’ feelings comments. I was forcing her into an apology. Moreover, Bennett said she was sorry and was not talking to her(Holloway). Later deletes the tweets.

Sandra Bennett’s Popularity on Social Status

She has work in the industry for many years. Bennett has also become famous on social media platforms. She has got popular along with social sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Her official Facebook page has over 72,000 followers. With whom she has shares details from her personal life and professional life. One can also find her on Twitter. There she has more than 2.5k followers. Sandra is also completely famous on Instagram with more than 14 k followers.

Sandra Bennett’s Net Worth

When she especially through inheritance a presenting job with QVC. She decides to leave behind the Writing Business and return to Television.

Now she is a successful woman in the Television Hosting Platform. As per her professional career, the average salary of a QVC Show Host is $53,475.

Moreover, it would not be wrong to state that she enjoys a luxurious living as she continues her profession. It is expected that her wealth will also continue to increase.

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