Ryan Waller: Ryan Waller’s case became a matter of discussion his story is regarded as the most shocking and controversial story. His girlfriend was gunshot front of Ryan. In this article we will get to know  Ryan survived the gunshot? And what happened to him is he alive now or dead? Read the full article to know to full story about him and his girlfriend. If you want to get more updates you can follow thecelebography

know what Happened to Ryan Waller?

Ryan Waller

On December 23, 2006, Ryan Waller and his girlfriend Heather Quan were enjoying a routine night at their apartment when they heard a tap on the door. He was held at gunpoint after opening the door to inspect it, and when he tried to close it, he was shot by intruders who entered the house and shot her girlfriend.

Ryan’s father reported not hearing from his son, but when police arrived to the residence, they discovered Heather Quan dead, but Ryan Waller, although being shot, was still alive.

The boyfriend escaped the injuries because the thieves assumed both lovers were dead, but instead of rushing him to the hospital, authorities began questioning him as the possible shooter of his fiancée.

Ryan Waller Survived The Shot?

Officers initially refused to believe Ryan’s statement, claiming he couldn’t have survived being shot in the eye, but gradually came to trust him.

Ryan Waller died as a result of the injuries he sustained. The bullet had pierced Waller’s skull, puncturing his sinus, bone, and brain, and the meal was slowly infiltrating his brain.

He went blind and spent the rest of his life reliant on his parents. Ryan Waller died as a result of a seizure brought on by his injuries from the shooting.

Ryan Family Reaction On His Death

Ryan Waller’s family had to say goodbye to their darling son, and the terrible incident drew national attention, with many accusing the police of failing to handle Ryan Waller’s case as a matter of urgency after they arrived at the residence.

Ryan Waller’s parents have not filed any lawsuits, according to reports. They uploaded a video to YouTube with information about the case. Heather’s Law was enacted in Arizona as a result of the tragedy.

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