Rudy Youngblood: Bio, Age, Movies, Family, Wife & Net Worth

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rudy youngblood

Rudy Youngblood is an American actor, singer, dancer, and artist. He is known for his many films, including The Expendables series.

Here are some fun facts about Rudy Youngblood. You can learn here about his wife, career, movies and much more! Stick by the article.

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Rudy Youngblood bio

rudy youngblood

The American actor is a co-star of the Beatdown movie franchise and has also starred in the Wind Walkers film.

His parents are both from Comanche descent, and he was raised by his mom.

However, his biological father is of Yaqui background, while his adoptive father is Cree. However, there are rumors that he has dated Mariana Tosca.

Despite being born in the United States, Rudy Youngblood has earned a large amount of money through acting.

He received Fulbright scholarships to study Native dance, and later performed in films such as “Apocalypto.”

His acting skills also earned him several film roles, including one as a Jaguar Paw in Mel Gibson’s 2006 film.

He learned the Yucatec Maya language for his role, and performed stunts on his own

Rudy Youngblood movies

When it comes to movies, Rudy Youngblood has a diverse list of genres to choose from.

He has a varied background, including music, dance, and art. Some of his most well-known films include The Artist, The Immigrant, and American Graffiti.

Aside from acting, he’s also an accomplished musician. Check out his bio to see all of his roles. And don’t forget to check out his many musical endeavors!

The American actor Rudy Youngblood was born in Belton, Texas. He is of Cree and Comanche descent.

He began his career as a stuntman in the film Beatdown, which starred Shawn Lock and Paulina Gaitan.

Later, he was cast in the action film Windwalkers, in which he played the role of Matty Kingston.

The film received mixed reviews, and Youngblood never married. However, he has been linked with actress Mariana Tosca. The two dated in 2005.

Rudy family

His parents are Christian and Jewish, and he has never spoken about his family background.

His family hails from Comanche, Yaqui, and Mexican ancestry. He is best known for his role in the 2006 film “Apocalypto,” and has also appeared in the 2008 film Beatdown.

Youngblood was a member of the Belton High School track team. Although he initially wanted to quit school and become a professional athlete, he was determined to stay in school to pursue his dream of acting.

Rudy net worth

His net worth has been estimated at $500,000.

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