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Raoul Bova [Facts You Must Know]



raoul bova

Raoul Bova was born in Rome on August 14, 1971. He is an Italian actor. He is the son of Calabrian and Campania parents.

Raoul studied at the Jean Jacques Rouseau Teaching Institute. His talent for swimming reaches peak levels at the age of fifteen.

After graduation from the teaching institute, Bova enrolls in the Isef course.

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Raoul Bova bio

raoul bova

Italian actor Raoul Bova was born on 14 August 1971.Bova has kept his body physics to a very high level in spite of his age.


He stands at a height of 1.83 meters, which is roughly 6 feet. His eyes are blue and his hair is light brown.

The actor has four children. He is currently single, but was previously married and had three children together.

In his early years, Raoul Bova played romantic roles, notably in the Italian film Piccolo grande amore (1993).

He has since gone on to play male romantic roles in both Italian and American films.

He is also credited with starring in the Alien vs. Predator and Under the Tuscan Sun, and in American films like The Tourist and Bolt. Raoul Bova and his wife, Chiara Giordano, have three children together.


Raoul Bova movies & Tv shows

Italian actor Raoul Bova has appeared in a number of Hollywood films, including Under the Tuscan Sun and Alien vs. Predator.

Known for his romantic roles, his work in American films includes The Tourist, Alien vs. Predator, and The Tourist.

His list of American credits is extensive and varied, and his movies and TV shows are both entertaining and educational.

In addition to acting, Raoul Bova has produced and directed many films.

His movies and television shows are available for viewing on Netflix, a streaming service that features hundreds of movies and TV shows from around the world.


The site has a search option for actors, directors, and shows. You can also browse the latest releases by genre to discover a wide range of options.

Raoul wife

In 2000, Raoul Bova married Chiara Giordano. Both women were present at the ceremony.

The couple is said to have two children together. They later divorced in 2013 after a year of marriage. While they are no longer married, Raoul and Chiara are still in touch with each other.

Raoul Bova is currently dating Rocio Munoz, a young Spanish actress.

The two met on the set of the movie Immaturi-il Viaggio and the couple has two daughters together.


The first woman to marry Raoul was Chiara Giordano. Bova was married to the Italian actress for ten years and had two children with her.

But after their divorce, he met Rocio Munoz Morales. The two started dating in 2013, after they met on the set of “Immaturi,” which is a movie about a gay couple.

Bova’s wife has also divorced from a previous relationship with a former lawyer.

Raoul net worth

Raoul net worth is approximately $5 million.

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