pete davidson

The funnyman sounded like he was having a great time with his new girl. There was no sign of any Kim tattoos left on his body.

Pete Davidson is n’t leaving behind any traces of his relationship with Kim Kardashian. The SNL alum, 29, was happy to show off his tattoo collection while disporting around the sand of Hawaii with his new gal Chase Sui, 26, in prints you can see then. But noticeably missing from his essay? His several tattoos devoted to hisex-girlfriend, 42.

Pete Davidson Body Actually Covered With Tatoos

pete davidson

Pete was all grins in the ocean, where he rocked flowery syncope caddies and dark sunglasses while flirting with his new girl, who was hisco-star in the movie BodiesBodiesBodies. He slipped black chapeau, which he took off to reveal bleach- golden hair with green, pink, and blue polka blotches on the reverse of his head.

Though utmost of his body was covered with essay, there were a many conspicuously empty areas on Pete’s skin. Around his collarbone was a patch of bare skin where a tattoo saying, “ My girl is a counsel ” used to beAlso missing was a brand of Kim’s initials, the initials of her kiddies( NSCP), and an Aladdin- inspired design, which was a nod to their first kiss on SNL.

Kim seems busy

Eagled- eyed suckers first began allowing Pete was getting relieve of his Kim essay back inOct. 2022. He was seen sporting a girth over his collarbone while shooting his show Bupkis, so, along with the PDA, this sand sighting only confirms the comic is onto the coming chapter.

Meanwhile, Kim seems busier than ever with family and business. She was last spotted with son Saint after his basketball game on Friday,Jan. 20. before that day, the Skims Napoleon surprised Harvard scholars when she gave a guest lecture at the business academy.

Back before their August 2022 split, Kim opened up to Ellen DeGeneres about Pete’s essay. She did n’t feel to take the tattoos that seriously, telling the talk show host, “ Yeah, he has a many tattoos. A many cute bones that he got. I ’m like, ‘ Oh, that’s so cute, ’ but that’s what tattoo people doright? They get tattoos of what’s going on in their life. ”

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