In Mexico, there is no mercy. A leaked video has gone viral on Twitter and Reddit: It is not the first time a person has gone viral on the internet; every time we get a new viral update, it is not the first time.

However, this news is distinct from other news. We’ll explain why this is different from other news. As we all know, social media is a place where anyone can get instant celebrity and become a social media star.

This is true, but viewers may also make a person famous in a split second if they want to get someone high. Every day in this era, a new social media scandal emerges.

Mexico Video: No Mercy

Mexico’s No’s shocking video has gone viral on practically all social media sites. This comes as a shock to social media users. A video of a father and kid being executed by a Mexican cartel has gone viral. In Mexico, there is no mercy.

Everyone’s attention is drawn to videos on social media. If you haven’t heard about the video, we’ll tell you all you need to know. It is quickly spreading throughout all social media platforms.

The video has gone insanely viral, especially on Twitter and Reddit.

Reason behind the No Mercy Mexico video?

In a video provided by No Mercy, a father and his son are tied up by a police gang in a video; the father is in excruciating pain and is repeatedly stabbed with a stick.

They were being pursued by a group of people who repeatedly struck him. They then severed his head and projected it onto the screen.

The son began to weep since it was now his turn, and he moaned in pain, attempting to fight back but failing.

A gang member drilled a small hole in his heart, which he then ripped out. He drew out all of his guts and other bodily fluids.

The video “No Mercy in Mexico” has gone viral

no mercy in mexico

After watching the video, several people felt compelled to re-upload it on social media.

They made short films out of them and shared them on Tik Tok. People watched the video and were also instructed not to watch it due to the film’s terror scenario.

The video became popular on social media as a result of this. That was a horror film; who could act in this manner?

God gives human life, and it is only proper for God to remove it, but humans forget that a global authority is constantly watching them. God is always righteous.

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