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Niece Waidhofer Biography, Education, Career & Networth



Niece Waidhofer

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Niece Waidhofer’s Biography

Niece Waidhofer She was born on the date of August 27, 1990, in the United States. But, not much more is information on her Parents, Siblings, and her exact birthplace. She is reportedly from Dallas, Texas.

She posts on social media that her father was diagnosed with stage-4 cancer and shared it with her fans. Niece also shared that her father was not ready for the treatment of that disease.

She, on her post, shared a photo of a young man. The people believed it is her brother and some as her boyfriend. She loves to shop from designer labels like Milan, Gucci, and Décor.

Niece Waidhofer’s Education

She is well educated. Not known about her Qualification details.


Niece Waidhofer’s Career

As a model, Niece usually is very Dynamic, Expressive, and Active on her social networking site.

Niece’s tasteful and classy pictures fill her Instagram page. She has never avoided displaying her seemingly perfect body.

The niece is very photogenic and does not need to try hard to get accurate photographs. She also publicly supports self-esteem and urges ladies to feel excellent.

Waidhofer has the power to connect with people and manages Instagram posts.

She is always kept in touch with her fans. Likewise, she also works for agencies like Model Mayhem, where Niece has taken many bikini shots. She owns a website too, where one will find more beautiful pictures.


She has acted in two films in her career. Project Aether was the first film she worked on in 2011. Niece got to play in her next movie in 2014 film, The Legend of Dark Horse Country.

Moreover, she is also an ambassador for several apparel brands, like Yandy and Ranka.

Similarly, Niece is also a Cosplay Artist. She also shares a photo of herself dressing as Laura Croft from Tomb Raider on Instagram in August 2018. Waidhofer even earns a net worth of 100 thousand dollars.

Roast Me’ Campaign

After Niece began the campaign in 2017, she got a lot of attention on her Reddit. There she asks all the Reddit users to roast on her post. Being less severe and taking it lightly, Niece started the Roast Me campaign.

Soon after she posted, it exhausts pretty more quickly. She was turning it into uncomfortable for the bikini models.


Niece’s Reddit campaign’s comment segment fears her deeply. It was overwhelmed with critical remarks. She predictably erases the account. In any case, the campaign brings her some attention.

Niece Waidhofer’s Relationship Status

Reflects on Niece Waidhofer’s personal life, she is single. However, Niece has never talked about her personal life besides her career. She is more focusing on herself and her career than enjoying her single life.

Niece Waidhofer’s Popularity on Social Media

She is very active on her social network sites and is also popular. She has over a 4.2million followers on Instagram. But only 23k+ followers on Facebook, but more compared to only 9k+ followers on Twitter.

Niece Waidhofer’s Net Worth

Niece, an Instagram sensation, has approximately $1 hundred thousand. It comes from her various projects. Mainly, she got $2,052 – $3,420 per post on Instagram. Also, she makes a tremendous amount of profit from Modeling and Endorsements.

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