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Nanjil Iswara Prasad Died: 165th Ward Councilor Of Congress Party Of DMK Dies

Nanjil Iswara Prasad Died: Nanjil Iswara Prasad is reported dead as the 165th Ward Councilor Of Congress Party Of DMK. According to reports, Nanjil Ishwara Prasad passed away after suffering from an illness for many days.

Some sources claim that Nanjil Ishwara prasad not treated properly when he was admitted to the hospital. When everything is out of control, nothing can be done.

165th INC Of DMK Ward Councilor Nanjil Ishwara Prasad DiesNanjil Iswara prasad died

Nanjil Ishwara prasad participated in the community for congress and won. He was in poor health and had been admitted to the hospital for treatment. He died there without any treatment.

This news became viral via social media platforms after it was published on the internet.  According to the exclusive report, Nanjil Ishwara Prasad is dead. Many people are now searching the internet for his name because they want to find out more about his death.

Nanjil Ishwara prasad died from illness. After suffering from illness for several days, he was admitted to a private Chennai hospital. He died there, without any treatment. For more news, scroll down.

Nanjil Iswara prasad was the South Chennai West District President of Congress Party. He was an amazing, kind-hearted individual who gained immense respect for his work.

According to the report, Congress leaders grieving his death via social media platforms since his death announced on the internet. His family and friends are grieving the loss of their loved one.

They need our prayers. Many people paid tribute to him on social media and sent condolences messages for his family.

Who Was Nanjil Ishwara Prasad?

Nanjil Ishwara prasad was the in charge councilor for the 165th Ward of Chennai Corporation. He was also the South Chennai West district president for the Congress Party. He was a candidate in ward165 for Congress in Chennai. Nanjil was a well-known politician in Chennai and was loved by many.

Recent social media trends have emphasised Nanjil Ishwara Prasad’s death. According to certain stories, Nanjil Ishwara Prasad died because he did not receive treatment for his condition.

According to sources, Nanjil Ishwara Prasad admitted to a private hospital in Chennai for treatment. Nanjil Ishwara prasad, however, could not be saved due to the incompetence of doctors and medical personnel.

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