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Mother Mary( Virgin Mary) Age When She Had Jesus



mother mary age when jesus born

What was Mother Mary’s Age when she had Jesus

mother mary age when jesus born

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The age of Mary and Joseph at the time of Jesus’s birth attracts a great deal of controversy in November 2017. After Republican Alabama State’s Auditor, Jim Ziegler defends.

Republican Alabama’s Senate candidate Roy Moore. She has been accusing of pursuing a sexual relationship with a fourteen-year-old girl when he was thirty-two. Ziegler says.

Ziegler claims that this fact declares free from guilt. Roy Moore from all blame for his alleging Ephebophilia.


It is, of course, ridiculous. Even if Ziegler says, here were entirely correct, that still would not mean.

It is an excuse for men in their thirties today to have sexual relations with the fourteen-year age.

We all live in a very different society from the one that exists in Galilee in the first century BC.

Despite the prevailing circumstances of what people 2,000 years ago. Though, it is entirely unacceptable for a man in his early thirties.

Seek sexual relations with a fourteen-year age in our community.


Whether we leave aside the whole question of Roy Moore’s guilt, however, we must ask, “Is Ziegler correct on Mary’s age. When she gave birth to Jesus?

In other words, was Mary, a teenager when she gave birth to Jesus? The truth is, we do not know.

Difficulties in answering this question

Several factors prevent us from giving an exact answer to the question.

Firstly, the gospels tell absolutely nothing about the age of Mary or Joseph at the time of Jesus Christ’s birth or at any other time.

Suppose one searches through the whole New Testament. One will not find a single reference to Mary and Joseph’s age.


Secondly, the birth forms of writings found in the Gospel of Matthew 1:18 to 2:23 and the Gospel of Luke 2:1 to 40 are inconsistent and probable.

As a result, modern historians generally regard these accounts as Fictional stories.

The gospel invented them for writers or by their uses. It means that even what the gospels do tell us about the birth of Jesus is unreliable.

Jesus’s mother’s name was probably Mary. Gospel of Mark is the earliest and most reliable surviving gospel, mentions in chapter 6, verse 3 that Jesus’s mother’s name was Mary.

The same passage also says that Jesus worked as Carpenter or some Craftsman.


Christ’s had four brothers, whose names were James, Jose’s, Judas, and Simon. Jesus also had at least two sisters, whose names are not given.

There is little reason to doubt the correctness of this information. Especially since Paul also mentions Jesus’s brothers in his letters. It exists the gospels, and James, the brother of Jesus.

It is mention by the Jewish historian Titus Flavius Josephus. He lived c. 37 to c. 100 AD in his great age of the Jews 20.9.1

Was Jesus the eldest of Mary’s children?

It is based on the story of the virgin birth, and it has been traditionally guessing. Jesus Christ was the eldest of all his siblings.

Moreover, it is most likely to make up the pure birth story of early Christians.


Fulfill an incorrect translate version of a prophecy that is considered in the Book of Isaiah 7:14.

This passage’s original Hebrew text states that a young woman is with a child and will have a son.

On the Greek Septuagint, however, the Hebrew word (‘almāh), meaning young woman.

It is mistranslated as the Greek word Parthenos. It can mean “young woman.” But it was generally meaning Virgin.

Prediction in Isaiah 7:14 is not even on the Messiah either. But instead, on the birth of Judah, King Hezekiah.


Nonetheless, in the first century AD, most people explained this prophecy as being on the Messiah.

Many early Christians read the Greek version of the Hebrew Bible.

They believed that the Messiah was supposed to have been born of a virgin since Christians were already sure that Jesus was the Messiah.

They think that he must have been born of a Virgin. The legend of the virgin give birth grew from there.

Nevertheless, even if we reject the story of the Virgin’s birth; It does seem like Jesus was the eldest child in his family.


Gives that passage from Mark 6:3 that I mentioned initially seems to suggest that Jesus’s siblings; were still living in the home.

With their mother at the same time, when Jesus Christ started his public ministry.

Suppose this is correct and is a big whether this will at least seem to suggest that Jesus Christ was one of the older siblings.

Age for the marriage of young women in the first-century Judaism

If we guess that Jesus was Mary’s first child, then Mary may have been in her mid-to-late teenage years when she gave birth to him.

Women in the Ancient Mediterranean cultures typically married in their mid-teenaged years.


Shortly after puberty. Naturally, they seem to have married between the ages of Fourteen and Seventeen.

Men, on the other side, typically married in their early 30s. It means the groom was generally at least two times.

The bride’s age is sometimes even Older.

In the Jewish culture in the first century BC, women are typically married at the same age—the other women throughout the ancient Mediterranean world in their mid-teenage years.

Jewish men, moreover, seem to have generally married the younger than their Greek and Roman contemporaries.


The Greek philosopher Aristotle has lived from 384 to 322 BC states in his Politics 1335 AD.

Eighteen age is the suitable age for a bride, and thirty-seven is the perfect age for a groom.

On the other hand, Jewish scholars seem to have finds eighteen the ideal age for Jewish men for marriage.

In other words, if we guess Jesus was Mary’s first child. She probably will have been somewhere between fourteen’s of age.

She was Twenty years old when she gave birth to Jesus.


Jesus’s father, however, would exactly not have been much older than his mother. But, it is certainly possible that Mary was a teenager.

Jesus’s father is a man in his initial thirties. It is more like that they were attached to a similar age.

There is a tradition, and Joseph was an elderly Widower. The Brothers and Sisters of Jesus are given in the gospels.

They were Joseph’s children by his former wife. The tradition, however, has no basis in the gospels or any of the other earliest surviving Christian writings; but was made up in the late great age to justify the Catholic teaching that Mary remains a never-ending virgin.

She never bore any children after Jesus. The most economical ending is that the “brothers” and “sisters” of Jesus mentioned in the gospels were his full siblings.


So, it is essential information on the topic of How old Mary was when she had Jesus.

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