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Megha Thakur: Know The Death Reason

Megha Thakur

Megha Thakur (born 17th July 2001, age: 21 years) was an acclaimed social media personality and TikTok Star.

Of Indian ethnicity, she was raised in Canada after being born in India but became immensely successful on TikTok where her account boasted 930.6k followers and 31.9 million likes overall.

On November 19th, just days before her passing, she posted one final video with a motivating message shared by her.

She concluded her last TikTok video by reminding viewers: “YOU are in control of your destiny. Remember that #confidence #selflove.” Since her passing, fans have paid their respects by leaving numerous messages on her TikTok videos.

What happened to Megha Thakur?

On November 28, 2022, her parents shockingly announced the tragic news of Megha Thakur’s passing to the world via her official Instagram ID. In a heartfelt message shared on her behalf on that tragic day, Megha Thankur had just turned 26 years old.

On November 24th 2022, Megha Thakur’s parents posted that she had passed away. Her family paid tribute to her as an independent young woman and expressed how much they will miss her every day.

Megha’s parents requested the blessing for Megha, yet did not disclose the cause of her passing. But fans have shared on social media that Megha succumbed to injuries sustained in a horrific car accident near Ontario, Canada.

Megha Thakur’s Biography

After Megha Thakur passed away, her parents revealed her date of birth. They stated that their daughter was 21 years old when she passed away, born on 17th July 2001 in Indore, India.

She moved to Canada when she was in her teens. She completed her high school education at Mayfield Secondary School while living in Canada. Megha then transferred to Western University in 2019. She recently earned her degree in Computer Science from Western University in 2021.

Megha Thakur’s Personal Life

Megha Thakur always kept her family life private from her fans. While she revealed many details about herself, nothing about her family was ever revealed publicly. We do know that her parent was the first to report news of her passing in the media.

Megha often refers to Ram Thakur as part of her family, though we cannot be certain whether he is actually related or not.

Megha lived in Canada, yet her heart and mind were always tied to India. She followed her Hindu religion with passion, never missing an opportunity to celebrate any Indian Festival. Megha Thakur tragically passed away as an unmarried, single woman.

Though she often accompanied her many Canadian-Indian male friends on birthdays and other special occasions, none were ever her boyfriends, Megha was no doubt quite beautiful and attracted many men; yet at 21 years old Megha chose to focus on finding success in her career rather than finding true love. She once shared a provocative picture featuring herself modeling with Canadian Indian boy Prayag.

Megha Thakur’s Networth

Megha Thakur earned a considerable income as a TikTok content creator. Additionally, she modeled for the brand and received regular payments. Before her passing away in November 2013, Megha left behind an estate of $550k USD (4,46,88,325 INR).

Some facts about Megha

  • She loved to watch the sunset from her rooftop perch.
  • Megha enjoyed sipping on fruit-flavored drinks.
  • She revealed on Instagram that she had previously struggled with severe anxiety issues.
  • She spent the month of April 2022 in Los Angeles with her friends.
  • Megha had an expert understanding of cosmetics and nail art.
  • She would occasionally indulge in wine and champagne.
  • Her dream was to grace the cover of Vogue magazine as a model.
  • She always enjoys listening to Nick Jonas’ songs.
  • She always maintained a trim physique to attract more modeling projects.

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