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Who Was Mathis Bellon? And What Was His Death Cause?



mathis bellon

Mathis Bellon: Who Was He? Who Are His Parents, What Caused His Death? There has been news that has spread like wildfire on the internet about the death of a French motorbike rider, Mathis Bellon, who died in a tragic accident.

The rider has been mourned across the internet, and it appears that no one could have predicted that he would die in such a tragic accident.

Who was Mathis Bellon ?

Mathis was from the island of Reunion and was a promising pilot as well as an excellent BMX rider at a young age.

Even though he was a motorcycle rider, he attended Race Experience school. The interesting fact is that he was an 8-year-old rider who had been driving at the time.

He was a dedicated driver in the French MiniGP 115 championship event for 8-year-olds.


Mathis was a very talented and gifted person who had done everything he could. He even had dreams that he wanted to pursue, but the young rider left the world far too soon.

Mathis Bellon’s Accident and Death

Let’s take a look at what happened to him that led to his death. According to our sources, the 8-year-old driver was involved in a tragic accident on the 22nd of July this year in Italy.

According to Italian sources, he was having a training session at the Ala Kart track where the accident occurred.

He was focused on doing laps around the track with his mini bike that was on the circuit when he crashed.

As he was trying to get up, another vehicle hit him and he was unable to escape in time.


Mathis had been flown to the hospital as quickly as possible by helicopter, but it had been in vain. His condition had only deteriorated since then.

Parents of Mathis Bellon

Let us now discuss the obituary. The death of the young rider with big dreams came as a huge shock to the family.

He was gifted and had a lot of room for development. But now that he is no longer in this world, he will be unable to realize those dreams. His friends and family were stunned.

Someone should never have to experience the loss of a child, and it must be difficult for them to lose an 8-year-old child.

We send our condolences to the family and hope that the young racer will be able to rest in peace.


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