Maharajganj lover cut his throat with grinder machine

Maharajganj Lover Video Goes viral on facebook after cutting his throat with grinder machine. An extremely shocking piece of news has been revealed. After being live on Facebook, a lover reportedly cut his throat with a grinder. All over the internet, the video clip has been shared. It took place in Maharajganj, Uttar Pradesh. The video and the man are both going viral and are grabbing everyone’s attention. We will be discussing the subject in detail below. For more information, scroll down.

Maharajganj Lover Video Goes Viral On: Boy Slits His Own Throat

According to reports, the man was unhappy about his lover’s marital status and had even asked her to marry him. She denied this request. The man was so saddened by it that he decided to end the rest of his life. He had already planned it and took to Facebook to live stream the event. Within seconds, he cut his throat and committed suicide. This chilling video clip is now the topic of much interest. People are sharing and discussing the video via their timelines. It has attracted a lot of attention online because of this.

Sources confirm that the man is from Maharajganj

Maharajganj lover cut his throat with grinder machine

He was originally from Uttar Pradesh and moved to Hyderabad to work. The sensation spread after the shocking incident was captured on video. According to reports, the man was in a relationship in which he was with a woman from Bhagwanpur, Maharajganj. The man had moved to Hyderabad just a few days ago for his livelihood. The parents of the woman arranged her marriage when he arrived in Hyderabad for work.

The deceased man didn’t know this, but he attempted to contact the woman after learning about it.

The man was reportedly disappointed that the woman didn’t answer his calls and became upset. He decided to end his own life by cutting his throat via a Facebook Live. To kill himself, he used the grinder machine. He was seen taking out the grinder machine beside him and cutting his throat.

Umesh Kumar, the Purandarpur police station’s in-charge, stated that they have received information regarding the matter and will act upon receiving it. Keep checking Thecelebography for more updates and the most recent news worldwide.

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