Lindy Booth is a Canadian actress. She was born on  2 April 1979, in Oakville, Canada.

She played Riley Grant on the Disney Channel series The Famous Jett Jackson and Claudia on Relic Hunter and A.J. Butterfield on the NBC series The Philanthropist.

Booth has been in many films and TV shows, her looks are more than merely pretty.

Read on to learn more about the enigmatic beauty. This article will give you some information about Lindy Booth’s net worth, age, wiki, and personal life.

If you’re not familiar with Lindy Booth, you’ll be glad you’ve read this article.

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Lindy Booth bio

lindy booth

Lindy Booth has a number of projects coming up in the coming years. She will be seen in “The Librarians” sequel, and has been cast in the comedy-drama The Creatress.

Booth made her film debut in Teenage Space Vampires in 1999 and has appeared in several other TV shows.

She also starred in the 2001 ensemble drama, Century Hotel, and is currently starring in “The Librarians.”

After graduating from T.A. Blakelock High School, Lindy Booth began writing plays and performing in them.

She was praised for her youthful talent and continued writing plays through high school.

In fact, she won a Junior Drama Award and a Senior Drama Award for her acting skills during her high school years.

After graduating from high school, Booth began acting in different plays and eventually acquired an agent.

She has continued to work in various roles and has gained enough fans to support her acting career.

Lindy Booth wiki

As far as her family is concerned, she has never mentioned anything about it.

Although she’s considered heterosexual, she has never disclosed anything about her sexual orientation.

Her son and two children are also unnamed, but we do know that they are all beautiful.

Despite being a successful actress, Lindy Booth’s private life is still quite private.

The actress is not known to have married or been involved in a relationship with anyone.

Although her wiki is filled with interesting facts about her past relationships, she’s kept her personal life private.

Lindy personal life

The following is a brief review of Lindy Booth’s personal life. Despite her relatively young age, she has already been featured in many TV series and films.

She made her acting debut in 2001 in the ensemble drama ‘Century Hotel.’

During the same year, she also starred in a recurring role on the ABC series ‘October Road.’

In addition, she played the part of Dodger Allen in the acclaimed drama ‘Cry Wolf’.

She also starred in the movie ‘Relic Hunter’ and portrayed the character of Nicole in a remake of the Dawn of the Dead.

Despite being a famous actress, Lindy Booth has remained secretive about her personal life.

She has never confirmed her relationship status or married status.

However, she once stated that she wishes she was dating a fictional character like Troy Dyer, who is portrayed by Ethan Hawke in the upcoming movie ‘Reality Bites.’

The actress also admitted that she wished she had a boyfriend like Troy Dyer in the film.

Lindy tv shows

The TV shows she has appeared in have contributed to Booth’s impressive net worth.

Some of her television appearances include “Copper,” “Supernatural,” “Republic of Doyle,” and ‘Dealers’. While she has not revealed any personal details, her income is largely from these roles.

The actress is married to popular director Jeff Wadlow and lives in Canada.

In addition to acting, Booth has been involved in a few projects, including the popular animated television show, “Will and Grace,” which made her net worth go even higher.

Lindy net worth

Lindy Booth has a net worth of $1.2 million.

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