Linda fiorentino: She was born on march 9 1958, in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is an  former American actress. She was raised in South Philadelphia and later moved with her family to the Turnersville section of Washington. Do you want to know more about her in this article you will get everything about her, and if you want to get daily updates visit thecelebography

Linda fiorentino Early Life

linda fiorentino

A member of an Italian-American family, Fiorentino was born either seven or eight children. He was born in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and grew up in the city. This is where she grew up. She moved to Turnersville in Washington Township, South Jersey, with her family after that.

In 1976, Fiorentino graduated from Washington Township High School in Sewell, New Jersey, and now he lives in New York City.

She started acting in plays at Rosemont College in suburban Philadelphia, where she graduated in 1980 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science. She started acting in plays there.

While working at Kamikaze, Bruce Willis also worked there. She went to Circle in the Square Theater School in Manhattan, where she learned how to be a bartender at the same time as working there.

Linda fiorentino Movies Career

In 1985, Fiorentino made her professional debut as “Carla” in the film Vision Quest. Roger Ebert, a film reviewer, wrote of the newcomer, “It’s impossible for me to say how much of Carla is original work and how much is Fiorentino’s personality without seeing the actor. What emerges is a lady who is mysterious without being conceited, detached without being chilly, and self-reliant without being suspicious.

She has a way of speaking that makes you pay attention to what she says – it’s almost purposely objective.”

Fiorentino revealed she decided to stop acting for a while when Warner Bros executive Mark Canton told her during the filming of Vision Quest, “You have a fantastic ass, but I think your trousers need to be tighter,” in a 1994 interview on Late Show with David Letterman. She then returned to acting to pay off her rising credit card debt, she added.

She appeared in the espionage comedy film Gotcha! in 1985, which was shot in Los Angeles, California, Paris, France, and Berlin, Germany.
Anthony Edwards, her co-star, went on to direct her in Charlie’s Ghost Story.

In 1993, Fiorentino divorced John Byrum, a film director and writer Donya Fiorentino, her sister, was a model who married filmmaker David Fincher and then actor Gary Oldman.

Linda Personal Life

In 1993, Fiorentino divorced John Byrum, a film director and writer. Donya Fiorentino, her sister, was a model who married filmmaker David Fincher and then actor Gary Oldman.

Mark T. Rossini, a former FBI agent, pled guilty in 2009 to illegally accessing FBI computers during the prosecution of Los Angeles private investigator Anthony Pellicano. Fiorentino had a previous contact with Pellicano, according to law enforcement officials, and intended to help him with his defence

Fiorentino was dating Rossini at the time, according to prosecutors, and told him she was developing a screenplay based on the case. In a fruitless attempt to help Pellicano avoid a 15-year prison sentence, he searched government systems for material relating to the Pellicano case and sent the results to Fiorentino, who then handed the data over to Pellicano’s lawyers.

Linda Net Worth

Her net worth is 3 million.

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