Lincoln Melcher is an actor. He was born on December 12, 2003 in California, USA.

Know everything about this rising actor, here you will find about his bio, age, movies, family and much more.

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Lincoln Melcher bio

lincoln melcher

He has starred in several films and TV shows. Although it is not known who his parents are, he is definitely a very wealthy young man.

This talented young man is also a very active person on social media and is active on various websites like imdb, wiki, and tiktok.

Born in California, Lincoln Melcher is an American actor who is also a passionate golfer.

His first commercial audition included playing with Jelly Beans. He would never have dreamed of getting through the next round, but his dedication to his craft paid off.

Despite being booted from the commercial he entered, he never gave up and went on to land a role in another.

Despite not getting any awards from his first film, he has continued to make it big and is currently an American high school senior who has committed to UCLA.

Lincoln Melcher movie

After being cast in several hit movies, 18-year-old American actor Lincoln Melcher has gained worldwide attention.

Since his initial appearance on the Nickelodeon production series Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn, Melcher has gone on to appear in many other successful films.

His list of credits includes political series, horror films, and even a TV show. He is also a popular social media user with over 91k followers on Instagram.

While most actors would jump at the chance to make a buck on a successful movie role, Lincoln Melcher is more interested in playing dark roles.

His rough looks and talent as an actor have earned him a niche in the industry.

As a child, Lincoln Melcher was rejected from his first commercial audition.

He remained persistent and never accepted anything less than the best.

Later, he landed a role as the antagonist in a family entertainment movie, ‘Two and a Half Men’. This role was one of his most popular movies of all time.

Lincoln height & weight

He weighs 45 kg and height is  5-1.

Lincoln family

His parents are not known to the public. He grew up playing golf and acting.

He picked up his first golf club at the age of four. In middle school, he was already acting in movies.

His sister is an award-winning writer and musician. His birthday is on December 12.

In addition to acting, Lincoln is a popular teenager. He has been on several television shows and movies and has gained much attention from fans and critics alike.

His performance in 2014 movie “Alexander and the Terrible” won him praise from both audiences and critics.

He has also played the role of Mack in Nicky, Ricky, Dickey, and Dawn. He has also appeared in Thundermans, Agent Carter, and Law & Order.

Lincoln net worth

Lincoln Melcher net worth is estimated to be around 2 million.

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