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Kyle Orlando Massey: Bio, Movies, Wife & Physical Stats



kyle orlando massey

Kyle Orlando Massey is an American actor. He has a diverse background.

He has starred in films and sitcoms for both Disney and the Disney Channel.

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Kyle Orlando Massey bio

kyle orlando massey

A short biography of Kyle Orlando Massey would be helpful for anyone who is interested in learning more about the multi-talented American personality.

Born on August 28, 1991 in Atlanta, Georgia, Massey has worked in many different media including acting, singing, and rapping. He has appeared in several Disney Channel films, including Cory in the House and Life is Ruff.


In addition to being a popular voice in the Disney world, Massey has recorded raps for Walt Disney and Hollywood Records. His relationship status remains unknown at this time.

His father Christopher Massey is also an actor.

He was raised in a family that valued education and worked hard to achieve his goals.

While Kyle Orlando Massey is now an internationally known actor, his parents remain friends and are actively involved in his career.

Kyle Orlando Massey movies

Aside from his rap and comedy careers, Kyle Orlando Massey is known for his roles on Disney Channel sitcoms and movies.


His roles include Cory Baxter in ‘That So Raven’ and ‘Cory In The House.’

Both of these shows garnered mass acclaim and Massey has also released several rap songs for Walt Disney Records.

He also provided the voice of Milo in the Disney animated series Fish Hooks.

In addition to his roles in TV and movies, Massey is a singer, songwriter and rapper.

His films include the Disney Channel Original Movie “Life is Ruff” and the music video “Yin Yang Yo”.


He has also acted in two Disney Channel original movies, Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure and Senior Project.

He has also performed several rap songs and voiced a character in an animated series called Yin Yang Yo.

Kyle Orlando wife

Kyle Orlando  has been single for some time, his relationships with Bristol Palin, Maiara Walsh, and Taylor Dooley have been rumored for a while. But these relationships did not work out.

So, the question is: is Kyle married? Well, this isn’t an easy question to answer.

His relationships with these women prove that he is not gay. As for his wife, we can only speculate.


Kyle physical stats

His height is 1.65 meters and weight is 70 kilograms.

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