Kenichi Morozumi Dead: Yen Planning announced recently that Kenichi Morozumi, their actor, has unfortunately died at the tender age of 67. Most fighting game fans will recognize Morozumi, the voice actor for Sergei Dragunov (Tekken Series), who has been performing the role since its introduction 17 years ago.

Let’s find out how Voice actor Dragunov died, and Kenichi Morozumi’s cause of death.

How did Kenichi Morozumi die?Kenichi Morozumi Dead

Morozumi is best known for his role as Sergei Dragunov’s voice actor in the Tekken series. He has been playing the character since its debut 17 years ago.

Yan Palnning offered its condolences for Kenichi Morozumi, the voice actor. “Our thoughts and condolences go out to Kenichi Morozumi’s loved ones, friends and colleagues during this difficult period, and his work will live on as the deadly serpent in Tekken.”

What Was Kenichi Morozumi Cause of Death?

Kenichi Morozumi Dead: According to reports, Morozumi died on September 1, 2022. Kenichi Morozumi died from ischemic heart disease. It seems that the death news about Kenichi Morozumi is now only being reported in Japan.

Morozumi started his passion for the arts in 1979 with theater and stage performance. However, he began voice acting in the 1980s. This is not the first death of a Tekken actor in recent years. Unsho Ishizuka, the voice of Heihachi Mihima, died in 2018.

Who Was Kenichi Morozumi?

Kenichi Morozumi, the Japanese voice actor of Sergei Dragunov was Kenichi Morozumi. He played him from his debut in Tekken 5 – Dark Resurrection to Tekken 7. Kenichi Morozumi was a Japanese citizen who was born in Yamanashi on 11 January 1955. In 2005, fighting game fans were first introduced to the actor. Dragunov made his debut in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection in 2005. Through Tekken 7, he continued to be the voice actor for the Russian fighters.

Tekken 8 is currently in development and released in 2023. It is not yet known if Morozumi has recorded lines for Dragunov, but he will likely reprise his role.

Morozumi also voiced characters in many anime and motion pictures such as Takahashi and Monster’s Kiyoshi Yoshioka, Takahashi and Monster, Arthur and Soul Eater, Goodman and Terra Formars and Fujiwara and Black Laggon.

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