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Kelly Rowan: Bio, Movies, Tv Shows, Body Measures & Net Worth 2022



kelly rowan

Kelly Rowan is a Canadian film actress and former fashion model.

She was born and raised in Ottawa, Canada, and went on to study acting in London and New York City.

Before entering the acting world, she was a fashion model in New York City and London.

Her career has spanned numerous genres, including thrillers and comedies.

Here, we’ll take a look at Kelly Rowan’s age, height, and movies and TV shows and much more!


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Kelly Rowan bio

kelly rowan

Kelly Rowan is a Canadian actress who was born on July 13, 1963. She attended Northern Secondary School and later the University of Western Ontario.

She is best known for playing the character Kirsten Cohen on the television series The O. C., which ran from 2003 to 2007.

She also played a leading role in the crime drama series Perception from 2012 to 2015.

Despite being a young actress, Kelly Rowan has achieved a lot in her career.


She has a huge social media following and often posts videos and personal pictures of herself to connect with her fans.

She is a member of the Gen X generation, and her age is no longer a factor.

She represents this generation and is currently 56 years old. In her youth, she was a model and acted for brands.

Kelly Rowan movies

Kelly Rowan has a diverse list of credits. Her career has spanned a variety of media, from TV shows to movies.

From 1995 to 2003, she starred in a number of films. Her filmography includes ‘Hook,’ ‘The Outer Limits’, and ‘Da Vinci’s Inquest’.


While she is best known for her work as the mother in Steven Spielberg’s ‘Peter Pan’, Rowan has appeared in several films.

She was previously engaged to Canadian Magnate David Thomson, the 3rd Baron Thomson of Fleet, but the two split.

They later had a daughter named Braelin. Since then, Rowan has not disclosed any details of her personal life to the media.

She made her acting debut in the episode ‘Party’ of the TV series ‘Hangin’ In, and soon followed that up with the character Stephanie in the direct-to-video ‘My Pet Monster’.

Kelly Rowan tv shows

The Canadian actress Kelly Rowan has a number of credits to her name.


In addition to acting in TV shows and movies, Rowan has also written and directed films. Here are some of her best-known roles:

Born in Ottawa, Canada, Rowan attended the University of Western Ontario.

She studied English Literature, but dropped out to pursue acting full-time.

She was offered her first acting project while still in college. She moved to England to attend a major acting class at the British American Drama Academy.

Later, she attended the University of Western Ontario, where she developed her acting talents. She also did modeling to pay for her living expenses in the city.


Kelly physical appearance

Rowan has a height of 5 feet, 11 inches and weighs around 115 pounds.

Kelly net worth

Her net worth is estimated to be $25 million as of 2022.

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