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Joe “Pegleg” Morgan Biography, Age, Education, Death & Networth



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Joe “Pegleg” Morgan’s Biography

Joe "Pegleg" Morgan

He was born Joseph Međugorac on April 10, 1929, November 8, 1993, in San Pedro, California.

Joe was the first Non-Hispanic member of the Mexican Mafia. He receives the Nickname “Pegleg” by Authorities. Because of his artificial leg.

He is the youngest of four siblings. Parents to Croatian immigrants Clara (née Radišić from Imotski) and Grgo Međugorac. A Truck Driver.


Who was an Ethnic Croat from Ljubuski? Shortly after Joe’s birth, his father admitted to the citizenship of a country as a United States citizen.

Character the family name to Morgan, due to Anti-immigrant and Anti-Slavic sentiment at the time in 1929.

The same year Morgan was born, they passed immigration laws that limited immigrants from the Balkans.

It’s believed that more than half of the Croatian population in the United States at the time was adequately removal by a foreign national from the United States from the nation.

Morgan grew up in a mainly Mexican and Croatian neighborhood in San Pedro. His mother later raised him in a Hispanic community in Boyle Heights.


Joe “Pegleg” Morgan’s Education

Not Known.

Joe “Pegleg” Morgan’s Career

In the late year 1930s, he joins the Ford Mara Villa Street Gang. It is one of the oldest documented gangs in Los Angeles.

Joe “Pegleg” Morgan’s Relationship Status and Children

He is Married. But no more information on their relationship is mentioned.

Joe “Pegleg” Morgan’s Prison Time

In 1946, he beat to death the husband of his 32-year-old girlfriend. He buried the body in a shallow grave.


At the same time, awaiting trial, he escaped using the identification papers of a fellow’s inmate pending transfer to a Forestry Camp.

Morgan was recaptured and sentenced to nine years at San Quentin State’s Prison. He was just only 17 at the time.

Morgan was released on parole in 1955. But a year later, he returns to prison for an Armed Robbery at a West Covina bank. There he ran out with the money $17,000.

In 1961, he led 11 Inmates in escape from jail from the Los Angeles County Jail through a narrow pipe part and using hacksaw blades. Joe hid in his artificial leg.

He was well respected within the ranks of the Mexican’s Mafia; became a high-ranking member of connections with Cocaine and Heroin suppliers in Mexico.


Cover the foundation for the Mexican Mafia’s narcotics distribution throughout California. Morgan arguments the Aryan Brotherhood to forge a loose union with La Eme. Due to having the Black Guerilla’s Family as a mutual equal.

Allegedly, he made diplomatic relations with the Los Angeles Mafia. Through Michael Rizzitello, he and Rodolfo Cadena met during the Nine-year sentence of the reputed Mobster in Chino.

For a set of things of armed robberies during the 1970s, Joe committee’s first prison gang street execution in place of Los Angeles in 1971.

Joe “Pegleg” Morgan’s Popularity on Social Media

Not Known.

Joe “Pegleg” Morgan’s Death

On October 27, 1993, Joe was diagnosed with not being able to use liver cancer. At the same time, he was serving a life sentence at California’s State Prison, Corcoran. Joe’s wife requests that he be released on compassionate release.


But he died on November 9, before the process started. “When I visits him about six months ago, he seen to be losing some weight and his color did look good.

Morgan is a very private person and he did not complain any.” Said his lawyer, Shirley MacDonald, after his death.

Film American Me on Joe “Pegleg” Morgan

In the year 1992, the film American Me released me. That was based on the history of the Mexican Mafia. A principal supporting role is “J.D.” Played by William Forsythe, a Non-Mexican member with an artificial leg.

Edward James Olmos movie’s writer or Director, or Star, attempts to visit Morgan. Gain his love and approval for the film.
Morgan refuses to see him and files a Lawsuit against Olmos.

Universal Studios was alleging not accurate in the movie. It has been said that at least two people were killed. Because of the Mexican Mafia’s displeasure with the script.


Including former Mexican Mafia Members and Affiliates. Those had served as Advisers during the making of the movie.

When Morgan’s death, his wife files a $500,000 lawsuit against Olmos and the Filmmakers. Stating the movie did not request her permission for basing one of the roles on Morgan.

Joe “Pegleg” Morgan’s Net Worth

Not Known.

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