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Jinger Duggar Hasn’t Seen ‘True Change’

Jinger Duggar, Josh’s sister, said that eight months after his sentencing, she had not seen any ‘true changes’ in him. Family drama! Jinger Duggar (29), his sister spoke out about Josh Duggar nearly one year ago.

“I believe that the part of this story that you’re telling is that you can’t set up all these outward standards or rules and expect that it’s going to work. It’s not,” she stated during the Tamron hall Show.

Jinger continued her statement by expressing her thoughts about Josh’s behavior. The TV personality said, “That’s not something that I saw in my brother.” “He hasn’t truly changed. It’s not possible for God to do that until He does.

The 29-year old also stated that she had not spoken to Josh in years

Jinger Duggar Hasn't Seen 'True Change'

The 29-year old also stated that she had not spoken to Josh in years. Tamron Hall 52 asked Jinger for more information on Josh’s “change.”

She claimed she didn’t know about his “journey” today. Jinger said, “I would leave it to whatever journey he is on right now, I don’t know.” “I haven’t spoken to him for years.”

Josh’s younger sister also shared her thoughts on her brother. She said, “I would pray for him to be truly broken over the things he did, but I pray for the families of those who were hurt.”

Jinger’s interview is eight months after Josh was sentenced for receiving child pornography and possessing child pornography.

The Western District of Arkansas Federal Court, Fayetteville AR sentenced the 34-year old on May 25, 2022. According to HollywoodLife, Josh was sentenced to 151 months imprisonment, 20 years of supervised release and a $10,000.00 penalty. After a seven-hour jury deliberation, the father of seven was convicted on December 9, 2021.

After a federal Homeland Security agent stated that Josh’s computer contained pornographic images of child abuse, Josh was arrested in April 2021. Josh appeared on TLC’s Counting On, 19 Kids and Counting and other programs.

The convicted sex offenders is also prohibited

Anna Duggar (34), is his wife. They have seven children together. Mackynzie Renee is 13, Michael James is 11, Marcus Anthony, 9, Meredith Grace is 9, Marcus Anthony, 9, Meredith Grace has 7, Mason Garrett has 5, Maryella Hope has 3, and Madyson Lilily is 1. According to , Josh will have to be under the watchful eye of a parole officer for twenty years after his release from prison.

The convicted sex offenders is also prohibited from having unsupervised contact with minors, including his seven children. A source close to the inmate claimed that The US Sun visited him frequently on Jan. 21.

Anna has been to visitation quite often. Anna has been a few times I have spoken with her. “Normally, the only thing that I’ve ever seen is Anna and their children. I don’t really have any other friends,” they stated earlier this month.

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