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Is Neil Fachie deaf? (Details About His Disability and Eye Condition)



neil fachie

Is Neil Fachie deaf? Details About Your Disability and Eye Condition: Hello everyone, and today we will be discussing the famous Scottish cyclist, Neil Michael Fachie.

He has been featured in the news on social media and in other outlets. He is a Paralympic athlete from Scotland who is well-known in the Paralympic community.

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Who exactly is Neil Michael Fachie?

neil fachie

Let’s start with a little background on the athlete. He is a multi-sport athlete who was born on March 12, 1984, in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Scotland. He is a visually impaired athlete, which is why he is required to compete in Para athletics.


He has participated in numerous sports events designed for people with visual impairments.

He has also been a runner, competing in the Paralympics as a sprint runner in the games held in Beijing in 2008, and then as a tandem cyclist in the event held in London in 2012.

Neil Fachie’s Eye Problem

He won a gold medal in the Men’s Individual 1Km Time Trial event, with his pilot for his sight being Barney Storey, and a silver medal in the individual sprint event, both of which were held in London.

He also holds a world record in the time trial and sprint events, both of which he achieved with his pilot Matt Rotherham on the Gold Coast in 2018.

He also holds a games event record in the time trial event. He was a double gold medalist in the event in Glasgow in 2014, and he was piloted by Craig Maclean at the time.


There is a lot he has done in his sporting career, and discussing it all would take too much time, so let’s move on to the next section.

Is Neil Fachie deaf?

Neil is an athlete, as we all know, and it is both his profession and his passion. His disability is caused by a congenital eye condition and retinitis pigmentosa.

A congenital eye condition is a group of many other conditions that exist from birth and affect a person’s vision.

It can even be caused by the person’s genetics, as well as certain diseases or deficiencies in pregnancy.

The other condition, retinitis pgimentosa, is a rare eye disease that affects the retina and causes it to break down slowly over time, resulting in vision loss.


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