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Famous People Playing Casino Games in the UK



casino where celebs play

casino where celebs play

Have you ever thought about how gambling entails more than just using cards, understanding the rules, or operating a slot machine? Gambling has developed past the levels of entertainment and skill to take on the form of an artistic endeavor. Should you give up or keep playing?

Gambling is a common pastime all across the UK, despite the fact that gambling isn’t always socially acceptable. Many stars like gambling on sports and playing casino games like poker and online roulette.

Do you want to discover which British celebrities enjoy trying their luck at the casino just as much as they enjoy being in the media? Let’s get to know them and discover their unique celebrity gambling tales together with the online gambling sites guide by British Gambler.

Sean Connery

The most famous fictional casino patron ever, James Bond, was portrayed by one of Princess Margaret’s gambling cronies. Sean Connery, another well-known British actor who enjoyed gambling, played Bond before Roger Moore.

He liked to play roulette and would usually bet straight up on Black 17. At a casino in St. Vincent, Black 17 was playing his usual wager when it landed three times in a row one night. With $27,000 in winnings, Connery left the casino and headed to the adjacent From Russia with Love filming location.


Shannon Elizabeth

Shannon Elizabeth is of British ancestry even though she was born in the United States. She played the lead in the film American Pie. Former model Shannon is a regular at the poker tables. 

She’s so enthused about the game that she can frequently be spotted competing in tournaments at various casinos, including the World Series of Poker (WSOP). To assist her in becoming better, she has even hired the illustrious Daniel Negreanu as a coach.

Mischa Barton 

Most people are familiar with Mischa Barton from her part in the teen drama The O.C. She portrays Marissa Cooper, a young, wealthy woman living a glamorous and lavish lifestyle. The actor’s private life has adopted the same sparkle and glamor, and she frequently engages in protracted gaming sessions.

Sid James 

Sid James appeared in the Carry On movie series. He was so fixated on gambling that he made a deal with his agent to keep his wife in the dark about his income so he could set aside as much money as he wanted for gambling. He was, however, a mostly unsuccessful gambler. He, therefore, lacked either skill, inventiveness, or good fortune.

Victoria Coren-Mitchell

In addition to being a successful poker player, Coren-Mitchell is a TV personality and the wife of actor/comedian David Mitchell Victoria. She also contributes to the Observer and hosts the sophisticated quiz show Only Connect on UK television.


In 2005, Coren-Mitchell became the first woman to take home a title on the European Poker Tour. She participated in several other prominent poker tournaments and took first place in the main event of the 2014 European Poker Tour in Sanremo. According to reports, she has gaming winnings totaling over £2 million.

That’s a Wrap

We really hope you enjoyed reading this article on British stars’ love of gambling and casinos. Although it’s fascinating to see how celebrities live, many people like playing casino games as a pastime.